Marival Armony: Global Spa in Punta Mita, Mexico

Written by Teresa Bitler

August 9, 2022
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There’s no reason to travel the globe to experience the world’s greatest spa experiences. All you need is to book a stay at Marival Armony in Mexico.

I love spa days, and I love traveling. So whenever I can combine the two, I pack my bags and go. I never had the opportunity to travel the world through spa treatments until I visited Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites in Punta Mita, Mexico.

The resort’s Mélange World Spa introduces guests to nine spa treatments from around the globe. For example, one treatment emulates a Russian banya (a traditional Russian bathhouse), while Mexico’s pre-Hispanic Temazcal steam baths inspire another. While I only had a chance to try two during my stay, India and Thailand, I can’t wait to return to experience the rest.

Mélange World Spa

Mélange World Spa offers traditional massage services like any resort spa, from therapeutic and Swedish massages to mani-pedis and facials. But Marival Armony wanted to stand out and sent a previous spa director worldwide to experience unique treatments. Antonio Ortiz, marketing director for Marival Group, says the goal wasn’t to recreate those treatments but to pay homage to them.

“It’s a taste of what it is,” Ortiz explains. “We want to inspire our guests to go try the original.”

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A Russian banya at Marival Armony.

The Russia Experience features time in a banya, a dry sauna. Photo by Teresa Bitler

Walking into one of the signature treatment rooms, you feel transported to another country. For example, the massive wooden table in the India treatment room is an authentic massage table from that country. Indian-inspired accents decorate the room, adding to the ambiance, and a giant copper bathtub next to the window overlooks the Mexican jungle.

But the décor isn’t the only globally inspired touch. Each signature treatment begins with a foot bath, a small bite from the designated country, and a drink. While each treatment is different, you’ll leave feeling relaxed no matter which one you try.

India Experience

I first tried the treatment based on Ayurveda techniques. During check-in, the staff asked me to complete a questionnaire about sleep patterns, digestion, and personality traits. The therapist then used this information to blend the oil for my treatment and to customize the experience.

The India Experience at Marival Armony.

The India Experience is set in a treatment room overlooking the Mexican jungle. Photo by Teresa Bitler

While the therapist washed my feet, I sampled a little goat cheese and tomato chutney on bread, a chocolate truffle, and a Chai-tini cocktail. I didn’t get a lot of Indian flavors, but I appreciated the gesture. Since the foot-washing took only a minute, I had barely enough time to sample each before the therapist directed me to the table.

Despite the cushion, the wooden massage table took some getting used to. Unlike the plush ones I’m familiar with, it wasn’t always comfortable. However, I loved it because it was so authentic. So was the Shirodhara drip on my third eye (forehead) and the craniosacral massage. While the full-body massage was similar to any other, it was just what I needed. The experience ended with a 15-minute soak in the copper bathtub.

Turkey Experience

I had heard about hammams (Turkish baths) before, so I was excited to try the Turkey experience on the second day. Like the India Experience, it began with a foot bath and small bites served this time with Espresso coffee with anise. Again, the flavors weren’t as authentic as I had hoped, and I barely could taste them before the treatment began.

Bubble bath at Marival Armony.

The Turkey Experience ends with a luxurious bubble bath. Photo by Teresa Bitler

This time I was directed to an en suite steam room where I exfoliated, steamed, and rinsed. After 10 minutes, the therapist knocked on the steam room door to let me know it was time to move to a standard massage table. The full-body massage lasted about 50 minutes and included sweeping movements and stretching my limbs. I was so relaxed I couldn’t remember much, and I confused the peppermint scent for orange.

Some hammam treatments include a bubble massage or rinse. At Mélange, the treatment ends with a bubble bath—but not just any bubble bath. There were so many bubbles in the tub I could sculpt shapes out of them. It was a great way to end the Turkey Experience and left me wishing I had more time to try the other treatments.

Other Global Spa Experiences

Mélange World Spa offers nine internationally inspired treatments. In addition to the ones I enjoyed, you can book the following:

Italy Experience: Inspired by the Vendemmia Wine Festival, this treatment includes grape-stomping and relaxing in a wood-barrel jacuzzi filled with wine and grape seed salts. The massage features grape seed oil, champagne cream, and a wine tasting.

The Italy Experience at Marival Armony.

The Italy Experience lets you stomp grapes and soak in a wine-filled jacuzzi. Photo by Teresa Bitler

Russia Experience: Treatment begins with a foot massage as you nibble on salmon and sip vodka. Then it continues with 15 minutes in a banya, a Russian dry sauna. Following that, you’ll enjoy a sports massage that includes stretching.

Mexico Experience: Small bites and a guava margarita kick off this treatment, but Temazcal makes it stand out. Marival Armony simulates this pre-Hispanic sweat lodge experience with a steam bath using aromatic herbs and exfoliation using aloe vera, yucca, and Chaya. The treatment concludes with a blue agave body wrap, facial exfoliation, and a 15-minute massage.

Thailand Experience: This herbal massage will transport you to Thailand. It starts with a foot bath, appetizers, and cocktails like the others. Then it jumps into the massage as the therapist stretches you and uses herbal compresses to relax tense muscles.

Small bites at Maival Armony.

Each treatment includes small bites and a cocktail featuring that country’s flavors. Photo by Teresa Bitler

More Amazing Experiences

Bali Experience: The Bali Experience focuses on aromas to awaken your senses. After the foot bath, small bites, and cocktail, your massage therapist will treat you to an aromatic body exfoliation. Then you’ll enjoy a warm mud massage for optimal skin hydration.

Japan Experience: If you want to relieve stress, this Shiatsu-inspired treatment might be just what you need. The massage draws on acupressure, applying pressure along the body’s meridians and acupuncture points to improve health and vital energy flow.

America Experience: Drawing on America’s fast-paced lifestyle, this treatment includes a manicure, pedicure, and facial, each performed by a different expert.

Marival Armony.

Marival Armony is an adults-only property on the Riviera Nayarit. Photo by Teresa Bitler

Discovering Marival Armony

Located on the Riviera Nayarit north of Puerto Vallarta, Marival Armony is a family-owned, adults-only resort. It complements family-friendly Marival Emotions Resort & Suites and standalone Marival Distinct Luxury Residences. At Marival Armony, you can choose between an all-inclusive or pay-as-you-go stay.

I’m not an all-inclusive traveler. I don’t even like to stay on property when I travel. But I loved my stay at Marival Armony. This gorgeous property has incredible ocean views from the rooms and the infinity pool.

Lots of places to relax at Marival Armony.

The property features several areas where you can relax. Photo by Teresa Bitler

The property also has many secluded sitting areas and small pools, so you can generally find a private space to relax. And there’s always something to do, from live music at the bars to yoga and sound bathing.

But that’s not all Marival Armony has going for it. For $300, you can rent a cabana with a private jacuzzi for the day. It’s the perfect way to relax with your special someone, as the waitstaff will bring you food and drink on request. Want to take the romance up another notch? You can arrange a floating breakfast in a private pool, complete with a selection of hot dishes, fresh fruit, mimosas, and coffee.

The floating breakfast at Marival Armony.

You can indulge in a floating breakfast at a private pool during your stay. Photo by Teresa Bitler

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When You Visit Marival Armony

Puerto Vallarta International Airport is the closest airport. From there, it is about 20 miles to Marival Armony. (Expect about a 40-minute drive.) During the summer, it’s not uncommon for it to rain during the evenings. Pack a light jacket, and bring your swimsuit any time of the year. Spring is the best time to visit, although if you come sometime between December and March, you might see whales migrating up the coast. The resort can help arrange a whale-watching trip or other tours throughout the year. Finally, plan to spend at least four or five days at Marival Armony in Mexico. While you could make it a long weekend getaway, you’ll need at least a week to travel the world through all those spa treatments.

You don't travel the globe to experience the world's greatest spa experiences. All you need is to book a stay at Marival Armony in Mexico.


Marival Armony: Global Spa in Punta Mita, Mexico

Written by Teresa Bitler

Teresa Bitler is an award-winning travel writer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, American Way, Wine Enthusiast, and AAA publications. She’s also the author of two guidebooks (Great Escapes Arizona and Backroads and Byways of Indian Country) and a contributor to Fodors Arizona & The Grand Canyon. While Teresa would never miss a must-see attraction, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York City, her favorite travel experiences are the unexpected ones: KoolAid with a Hopi medicine man, lobster prepared by a local on a Belizean beach, or a ride in a World War II-era bomber.

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