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Wander With Wonder is an online food, wine, and travel magazine. We welcome writer pitches from storytellers who want to become part of our story. Please read the below guidelines before you pitch. You can see our current contributors here

Become Part of the Wander Story

Wander With Wonder shares the stories of those who love to travel. We want to share experiences that explore all of life’s wow moments. We need original writing along with original photography and video that captures the wow moments during your own adventures…Around the World or Across the Street™.

Be sure to read some of our articles so you understand our style. You can find out more about our audience here.

What We Want

We want articles that tell a story. Share what made you say wow. Take our readers along on a journey. We rarely accept time-sensitive articles, preferring evergreen content. We accept pitches for our Travel, Destinations, Eat & Drink, and RV Lifestyle sections. Do NOT pitch product reviews or shopping articles.

Word length for Wander articles is typically 1,200 to 2,000 words. We assign article length when we make the assignment.

We want first-person narrative stories. We encourage personality-driven stories and stories of the people behind a destination. Remember, this is a story that only YOU can tell. If it is easily accessible from a Google search or sounds like a sales brochure, we don’t want it. We want YOUR story.

Beautiful photos are essential for every article. We need at least six photos for every article, including one horizontal featured image. We can accept one or two press photos, but you must include the credits. All other photos should be your original, high-quality, high-resolution photos. You retain the copyright to all photos. 

Please, no photos from online sources (copying from Facebook or a website). We can work with you to ensure you submit the best quality photos. You retain rights to your own photos.

We purchase Exclusive Worldwide Electronic Rights. We ask that you never post the same article elsewhere. You are welcome to showcase the article on your site by including a statement that it appeared on Wander first, with a link, followed by one or two paragraphs and a “read more” link to the complete article. Of course, as professional writers, we know you will shop similar topics with other publications. 

Payment varies. All articles include an author byline, photo, short bio, website, and social media links. We pay within 30 days of publication.

Wander reserves the right to include published articles in future digital publications, including eBooks. Your name will appear as the author, and you may receive additional compensation for your content. 

Lead time is about three months, but we will consider articles up to one year in advance.

How to Pitch

We welcome editorial pitches, but ask that you please follow these guidelines. Be sure to read them before you submit.

Do NOT send the complete manuscript and do not include any attachments with your initial pitch.

Your short pitch should be in the body of the email. Include the proposed first paragraph, a paragraph or two explaining the overall idea of the article. Make sure you use the voice that matches most Wander articles. Note that our articles are in the first person and we always want a story—not a list or an advertisement!

Please indicate whether or not you have already made the trip. If you have traveled, please let us know if it was sponsored. Please note that we DO accept sponsored trips, but we believe in full disclosure, and we need to know this upfront. If you have not yet traveled, please let us know when you plan to travelPlease note that we RARELY accept pitches for articles based on upcoming travel. Why? Because we want to know what’s unique about the destination and you don’t know the unique points until you visit. 

Photos—and increasingly videos—are important to online publications. At Wander, we need high-quality photos. They can be a mix of your own photos and photos from sources such as destinations and those provided by a PR firm. We do not want photos you might find in a family photo album. We prefer that you send us a link to your photos (in Dropbox or Google, etc.) so we can see photos that are available before we decide to purchase a story.

Please include links to published articles.

Please put WANDER PITCH: TOPIC in the subject line of your email. Send your pitch via email to editorial@wanderwithwonder.com.

Our schedules are crazy and our inboxes are even worse, so it’s possible we might miss something. Please, if you haven’t heard back in 15 days, feel free to email again.

Thanks and we look forward to having your stories as part of the Wander story.

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