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We love to connect with readers and share stories of our travels—including the brands, destinations, and experiences we work with during our travels. We would love to help you bring that sense of wonder to your audiences. Here are some ways we can work together. 

What Wander Can Do For You

We specialize in creating custom experiences to bring brand awareness to our readers and your potential customers. Examples include:

    • Creating Sponsored Articles
    • Writing Sponsored Guides
    • Creating Customized Advertising
    • Creating Customized Tours
    • Product Reviews
    • Giveaways
    • Ambassadorships
    • Social Media Campaigns

We accept sponsored content, sidebar advertisements, and banner advertisements. Check out a few of our current and past partnerships here.

Contact us or email for more information about how we can help share your message with our targeted audience of travelers.

Our Readers

Have you seen our stats? Wander With Wonder reaches thousands of households around the globe. Our readers want a real connection. They trust the Wander experts to give them good, sound, reliable advice.

Readers enjoy good food, great wine, and wow moments when and where they travel.  Our readers love to travel. They want to know how to truly experience a destinations. They enjoy travel, spas, the outdoors, and cultural experiences. They also appreciate great food and wine. They buy and drink fine wines, enjoy exceptional restaurants, drink fine spirits. They also love local flavors and experiment with bringing their favorite travel recipes home to those they love. Our readers also enjoy shopping. They appreciate beauty at home, love art and design. They own the latest technology and strive to find ways to make their travels easier. 

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Selected Partnerships

Wander With Wonder works with a variety of partners, including destinations, brands, hotels, airlines, restaurants, wineries, distilleries, and more. You can view detailed partnerships here.

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