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Safest U.S. Cities for Women
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5 of the Safest U.S. Cities for Women

Let’s face it—towns like Mayberry, where the biggest threat was Otis, the town drunk who locks himself in a jail cell, no longer exist. As technology changes, criminals find more ways to victimize people, but the old common physical crimes like stalking and assault...

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Travel Trends
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8 Travel Trends We Expect Post-Pandemic

The 2020 pandemic effectively put the brakes on tourism and travel. Not only have the livelihoods of millions around the world been decimated and economies crushed, but increased social distancing rules and lockdowns have increased the mental and psychological...

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5 summer picnic staples
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5 Summer Picnic Staples

It's that time again. The sun is hanging longer in the sky and setting later. The weather is getting hotter. Summer is here, and that means it's picnic season. There are some dishes that just fit the picnic vibe. Food and drinks that quench the thirst that the sun,...

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