Wander Europe

The history, natural beauty, culture, and cuisine of Europe await. Wander experts can guide you to your European adventures whether it be by riverboat, train, driving trip, or European tour.


Our experts will guide you to the best sites in Austria whether it be coffee and a pastry in Vienna, a hike in the Alps, or the beautiful churches of Salzburg. Find out where to stay, where to dine, and what to do in beautiful Austria.


Our travel experts lead you to the top sites to see in Belgium, whether it be cities like Brussels and Bruges, or the beautiful countryside. Find out where to stay, where to dine, and where to shop in Belgium with Wander writers.


Visit both the major sites in France like Paris as well as small villages and historical sites with guidance from Wander experts. Discover the best to do in the City of Lights and beyond as Wander France.


Our travel experts will guide you to the castles of Germany, fine German wine, and exceptional cuisine. Let us help you decide on a river cruise, a driving trip, or a tour through beautiful Germany.

Great Britain

Our travel experts will advise you on places to see in major cities in Great Britain including London as well as the small villages and scenic countryside. Find historic sites, palaces, and churches in Great Britain.


Our Wander writers have the information you need to travel through Greece from the beautiful blue sea to major historic sites. Find out where to enjoy fine Greek cuisine as well as the best places to stay on your Greek holiday.


Our experts will help you plan your trip to central Europe and Hungary, with its capital city of Budapest bisected by the scenic Danube River. Find places to stay, see the major castles, and warm up with some spicy Hungarian cuisine.


Iceland has become a major tourist destination and our writers offer great ideas for your trip to this Nordic nation. Experience massive glaciers, the volcanic landscape of Iceland, and find out about traditional Icelandic holidays.


Beautiful green Ireland comes to life through the stories and photography of our Wander writers. Find out where to go, how to visit churches and castles, and even drop by a corner pub for a pint on your Irish vacation.


Our experts will guide you through Italy from the beautiful alps and lakes of the north to the historic sites of Rome and Venice as you travel south. Find out where to enjoy Italian wine and cuisine and where to stop during your travels through Italy.


Our travel experts will give you ideas on what to see and do in beautiful Monaco on the French Riviera. Find out how to visit the Prince’s Palace, take a walking tour, or take a hop on and hop off bus tour of this principality.


Our travel experts will help you plan your trip to the Netherlands, where you can see beautiful tulip gardens, quaint windmills, enjoy a coffee at a canalside coffee shop in Amsterdam, and visit famous art museums.


Our travel experts will guide you to the beaches and scenic villages of Portugal. Find out where to stay, where to enjoy Portuguese cuisine, and how to visit the churches and museums of cities like Lisbon.


Let our Wander writers help you plan your trip through Spain. Visit Madrid, where you’ll find the Royal Palace and Prado museum. Explore Segovia, with its impressive castle. Discover more places where you can find authentic Spanish cuisine and wine.


Our travel experts will guide you through Switzerland, whether you want to ski the Alps, visit cities like Bern and Lucerne for history and architecture. Find out where to stay, dine, and tour in the Central European country of Switzerland.

Other European Destinations

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