Yadkin Valley, NC: Discover Wines, Adventure and Mayberry

Written by Barbara Barrielle

December 26, 2017
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I may live in Sonoma County but I am well aware that there are many other wine-producing areas around the U.S., so I was delighted to discover the Yadkin Valley and Surry County of North Carolina. The people of Yadkin Valley are gracious and welcoming to wine lovers, foodies and nature lovers.

Discovering Yadkin Valley

North Carolina has had a long history of winemaking. However, the determination of serial local entrepreneurs—brothers Ed and Charlie Shelton—to seek and obtain a Yadkin Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) for their hometown region, and the area where they had planted grapes, has totally changed the dynamic of this region.

Yadkin Valley

Yadkin Valley, NC. Photo by Jan Kronsell

Yadkin Valley is now home to forty wineries, thirteen of them in Surry County. It is also home to a world-class enology program, the $5 million Shelton Badgett North Carolina Center for Viticulture and Enology, at the Surry Community College. There is vibrancy in the community and new winemakers coming to town hoping to train young locals to work in the business.

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The Sheltons may have started the wine trend here—and continue to be one of the consistent backbones—but they happily share the wealth with other entrepreneurs, experimenters, and artists.

This is not just an area of grape growing and wine drinking, the craft beer movement is in full swing and there are plenty of spirits. In fact, I discovered that this part of North Carolina is pretty darn spirited! The residents also remind visitors that Andy Griffith modeled Mayberry after the hamlet of Mt. Airy. I also discovered a fruit-based dessert called a Surry Sonker that has its own trail and a half dozen variations. So, along with some great wines, I found much to wander in Yadkin Valley, NC.

The Wines of Yadkin Valley

There are many choices for exploring the North Carolina wineries when visiting Yadkin Valley. Here are my top choices.

Visiting Shelton Vineyards

A natural stop in the Yadkin Valley is at the stunning Shelton Vineyards and their full-service seasonal restaurant. The brothers, Ed and Charlie, saw grape growing as a natural transition from the tobacco growing that the area had long relied upon. The Valley’s temperate climate and loamy soil are the ideal growing condition for European vinifera grapes and these varietals make up the majority of grapes grown in Yadkin.

Yadkin Valley

Shelton Vineyards. Photo courtesy Shelton Vineyards

Shelton has a variety of choices for a full-on tasting to complete the North Carolina wine country experience. You can taste everything from dry to sweet wines, dine at The Harvest Grill restaurant, and stay at the Shelton's own Hampton Inn Hotel. Make Shelton Vineyard your base and first stop when visiting this charming area.

Yadkin Valley

Try the full line up of Shelton Wines and Dine in their Harvest Grill that captures the bounty of the Seasons. Photo by Barbara Barrielle

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Visiting Elkin Creek Vineyard

Louis Jeroslow at Elkin Creek Vineyard believed enough in the region to come here and establish a thriving winery and Sunday pizza joint  (amazing!) with his wife and another couple, the Whites.

Yadkin Valley is a far cry from the couples' former lives working on the road tour of the famed Blue Man Group. But Jeroslow jokes that his grapes think they live an international lifestyle. “These vines don’t know they’re in North Carolina; their feet are in Italy, and they’re growing up in France as far as they know.”

Yadkin Valley

Make Elkin Creek your Sunday stop for great wine and wood-fired pizza. Photo by Barbara Barrielle

Visiting JOLO Vineyards

Another winery that thrives on pairing food with their small lot offerings is JOLO Vineyards. The magnetism and energy of owner JW Ray and his wife, Kristen, is undeniable—as is the food and excellent blends. Walk away from the tasting with the biggest wine glass you’ve ever held as well as a lively tasting experience and fantastic bites at their tapas restaurant called End Posts.

yadkin valley

Yadkin Valley wines photo: Barbara Barrielle

A great view of Mount Pilot, rolling vineyards and a punchy rosé called JOLO Pink rounds out a memorable experience.

Yadkin Valley

Dynamic JOLO is a must-stop in Yadkin Valley. Photo by Barbara Barrielle

Visiting Round Peak Vineyards

For some Italian varietals and another lively ambiance, although this one a little more rock and roll, try Round Peak Vineyards. Winemaker Ken Gulaian makes a variety of dry French and Italian varietals as well as one of the only Nebbiolos in North Carolina.

yadkin valley

Round Peak Vineyards. Photo courtesy Round Peak Vineyards

The wines are solid and the approach is laid-back and weekend-centric. Picnic over one of the most beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and try some of Ken’s Skull Camp craft beers or sweet wines for a little switch up from the average wine tasting.

Yadkin Valley

The couple behind Round Peak Vineyards. Photo by Barbara Barrielle

Wander Mayberry and Mount Airy

Mount Airy is a charming little town in this corner of North Carolina. Anyone growing up in the sixties or seventies may best know it as the home of famed actor Andy Griffith. He used it as the model for the town of Mayberry made famous in the classic television show, Mayberry RFD.

Today in Mount Airy, you can visit Floyd's Barber Shop and other businesses made famous by the show. Be sure to stop by the very well-known Andy Griffith Museum that holds a wealth of artifacts, movie clips and mementos. Andy and Barney fans will thrill at this step back in time.

Yadkin Valley

Barbara Barrielle with Andy and Opie outside the Andy Griffith Museum in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Photo by Craig Distl

Down the street, find the aptly named Mayberry Spirits for a tour of a distillery that is more like a hilarious stage play with educational bits and cocktails at the end. Led by distiller Vann McCoy, who returned home after years away as a monk, Mayberry RFD (Really Fine Drink), this is a not-to-be-missed entertaining walk through making the hard stuff.

Exploring the Sonker Trail

All good endings to a Southern meal involve fresh fruit and some kind of dough. Cobblers, Bettys, Pies and, now, in Surry County, meet the Sonker. It's the same principle—using the fruit of the season and wrapping it or enveloping it or simply throwing it on top of shapeless dough that is sweetened with sugar, molasses and other secret ingredients.

Yadkin Valley

One Version of a Surry Sonker Along the Sonker Trail at The Living Room in Mount Pilot. Photo by Barbara Barrielle

Everyone seems to have a favorite along the Sonker Trail. Some are sweet and some more savory. Find a famous one in Mt. Airy at Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies or my favorite at The Living Room in Mount Pilot, served with a cup of their excellent coffee. Niki, the chef behind the Sonker at The Living Room, also makes the best pickles in Surry County and has a thriving business employing many locals in an old factory with Niki's Pickles.

Outdoor Adventure in Yadkin Valley

Aside from food, wine, and other libations, beauty abounds in Surry County. It is known for great outdoor adventure opportunities. One of the best ways to take in the great outdoors is with a ride on one of Bregman's trained horses with a ride at the base of Pilot Mountain.

Yadkin Valley

Wine and Spirits aren't the only fun to be had in Surry County. A gorgeous ride at the base of Mount Pilot is the perfect afternoon indulgence. Photo by Barbara Barrielle

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Although there are regional airports, visitors to Surry County typically fly into Charlotte, North Carolina, and rent a car to fully experience the area's many aspects.

Yadkin Valley, in the stunning northwest corner of North Carolina bordering the Blue Ridge Mountains, really has something for just about everyone. Sophistication and winemaking come together with charm and Hollywood history. Set among amazing scenery, abundant fishing and countless hikes and horse trails, you are invited to wander Yadkin Valley and Surry County.

Note: As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with accommodations, meals and other compensation for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest

Written by Barbara Barrielle

Barbara is a long-time publicist who began writing four years ago with a specialty in food, wine, travel, and entertainment. Barbara also acts and produces films and has a feature film "Veracruz" releasing in early 2017. She also has two documentaries in production, including one on motorcycle road trips and another with a wine angle on the harvest. Barbara worked in the wine business for years and owns a small vineyard in Sonoma County. She loves to cook and bake and try foods from around the world. Extensive travel throughout the world, especially as a single mother, has been formative for Barbara and Charlotte, her incredibly savvy college student daughter. She lives in Healdsburg and Los Angeles.

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