Unforgettable Spa Experience: The Spa at Paradise Point

Paradise Point Resort & Spa is situated on 44 acres of tropical paradise on the shores of San Diego's Mission Bay.

The Spa at Paradise Point Couples' Bungalow

The Spa at Paradise Point Couples' Bungalow. Photo credit: Paradise Point Resort & Spa

On a recent visit there, I booked the “Island Origins” experience at The Spa at Paradise Point to help me fully appreciate the resort's tropical locale. I discovered a real paradise and enjoyed a luxurious treatment.

Arriving at the Spa

Paradise Point

Front entry at Paradise Point. Photo credit: Paradise Point Resort & Spa

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I was so excited for this spa treatment. I seldom get the chance to indulge in a 2-hour treatment, so this was going to be a real treat. Island Origins includes a guided botanical tour, 50-minute massage, foot scrub and scalp treatment.

I walked from our beach-front bungalow across the resort to the spa, which sits amid tropical gardens not too far from the resort's main office. The front desk staff at the spa showed me to a locker, but told me to stay dressed for the first part of my experience, the botanical tour. My therapist came to retrieve me and we started out on a casual walk around the resort.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring with someone who could explain what I was seeing. Paradise Point has over 600 types of exotic foliage from around the world. Many of the plants have healing properties and my therapist pointed out some of the more common ones, as well as a few obscure plants. We also talked about what types of botanicals we would use in my treatment, all of which can be found on the island.

My Botanical Journey

Spa treatment botanicals

Tropical botanicals make treatments unique at Paradise Point. Photo credit: Paradise Point Resort & Spa

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It was much more relaxing than I had imagined walking through the gardens at Paradise Point. We crossed foot bridges over ponds filled with lily pads, watched cranes on the lagoons and tiptoed through quiet grass-filled nooks. The exotic South African bird of paradise flowers were everywhere and I love the deep red hibiscus flowers. I discovered, as we made our way back to the spa, that my treatment would use products from four of the island's plants: ginger, hibiscus, tea tree and eucalyptus.

Already relaxed after our stroll through the gardens, I went to the locker room, changed into a comfy robe and met up with my therapist for my actual treatment to start.

The Island Origins Treatment

Treatment room at Paradise Point

Treatment room with an Ofuro soaking tub. Photo credit: Paradise Point Resort & Spa

My therapist led me to a small free-standing bungalow that is often used for couple's massages. It was lovely to be enclosed, yet hear the birds chirping just outside. Everything had an island feel to it, from the beautiful flowers to the jewel-toned spreads over the massage tables.

The room had the lovely aroma of eucalyptus and my therapist had me take deep breaths of the eucalyptus oil. I felt myself relax immediately. The 50-minute massage was a pure delight. The therapist used a ginger oil during the treatment. On my walk earlier, I had learned that ginger oil is an analgesic with properties that aid in soothing muscle aches. It also helps with circulation.

The foot scrub used hibiscus. Not only does hibiscus have a wonderful fragrance, I discovered that it has many healing properties for the skin and serves as a great natural moisturizer. She did a few minutes of reflexology and I'm certain I must have moaned out loud. Sheer pleasure.

My treatment concluded with an invigorating scalp massage with tea tree oil. Scalp treatments are amazing, and one of my favorite parts of a massage. I felt myself drift off into that perfect state of neverland oblivion that comes only with a great massage. The tree tea oil she used is a natural antiseptic, soothing to the skin and known to be gentle and non-irritating.

Post-treatment Amenities

I was still drifting a bit after my treatment, so I headed to the eucalyptus steam room for a few minutes. What an indulgent pleasure. Other amenities at The Spa at Paradise Point include a relaxation room, patio and dry sauna. I was able to peek into a couple of the other treatment rooms and discovered that two of them have Ofuro tubs, or Japanese soaking tubs. Next time, I must try one of the treatments that includes soaking in the tub. Perhaps the Thai Kelapa Ritual, which includes a traditional Thai cleansing ritual, Thai massage, Thai foot massage and a soak in the tub.

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Booking Your Treatment

Bayside Bungalow

Bayside Bungalow. Photo credit: Paradise Point Resort & Spa

Next time you're in San Diego, even if you don't stay at the resort, you should book the Island Origins spa treatment at The Spa at Paradise Point. Really, you deserve to pamper yourself. The two-hour treatment and use of the facilities for the day is $260. The spa is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Call 858.490.6350 or visit online to book your spa appointment.

If you're looking for a great spot to stay in San Diego, consider booking one of the 462 bungalow-style rooms at this waterfront resort, complete with its own marina.

Aerial view of Paradise Point

Aerial view of Paradise Point Resort & Spa. Photo credit: Paradise Point Resort & Spa

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1404 Vacation Road
San Diego, CA 92109
858.274.4630 for hotel reservations
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