Music Lovers’ Ultimate Summer Destinations

Written by EJ Ray

May 10, 2022
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Now is the perfect time to travel to some of the ultimate summer destinations for music lovers. Explore these destinations for music lovers.

Summer is the time to travel, relax, bask in the sun, and enjoy. Summer is also when many music festivals are being held, so for any music lover, it represents a rare opportunity to enjoy the two. Here are the ultimate summer destinations for music lovers.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

All music lovers know that New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz. It is a magnificent city to visit at any time. The French Quarter is home to many jazz worshipers. The city gathers Louis Armstrong’s admirers from all over the world in early August for the Satchmo Summerfest. The festival is held on the first weekend in August to coincide with Satchmo’s birthday on August 4.

ultimate summer destinations for music lovers

New Orleans is alive with music. Photo by Morgan Petroski on Unsplash

The Satchmo Summerfest features several traditional, modern, and big band jazz stages. There is also a children’s stage where the up-and-coming jazz talents perform. This is a perfect summer holiday for any jazz lover and admirer of the famous trumpeter that not even the humid Louisianian air can ruin.

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Novi Sad, Serbia

The Exit Festival held in Serbia’s second-largest city of Novi Sad put the city on the map. What started as a student rebellion has turned into a reputable, award-winning festival attended by people from around the world. It is held at the beginning of July at the Petrovaradin Fortress.

ultimate summer destinations for music lovers

The festival crowd in front of the massive Dance Arena stage at Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia. Photo by Miha Rekar on Unsplash

The festival features several stages, offering something for everyone’s taste. The primary focus is on dance and techno music, but the organizers always diversify by bringing various performers. You can enjoy the music all night and relax on the sandy beach near the Danube during the day. A bonus for any cycling enthusiast is that the festival is held just a short detour away from the EuroVelo 13 trail.

Nashville, Tennesse, USA

The CMA Festival, which is held in June, gathers thousands of country music lovers worldwide. The four-day event has a free portion held downtown with multiple stages and various performers.

ultimate summer destinations for music lovers

Downtown Nashville, TN. Photo by Chad Morehead via Unsplash

But if you buy an all-inclusive pass, you will be able to access nightly concerts at Nissan Stadium, Fan Fair X inside Music City Center, and more. You can also visit nearby Manchester and enjoy the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival immediately following the CMA, making them music lovers’ ultimate summer destinations. You can purchase cheap bus tickets to save on some travel costs, making this one of the ultimate summer destinations for music lovers.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There is no place like Brazil, the place that has given us samba and bossa nova. It mixes the European and American sounds into a unique blend. The uniqueness of the place is best observed during Carnival, which Brazil is famous for.

ultimate summer destinations for music lovers

Celebration of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Emanuel Tadeu via Pexels

The festival is held in February, so even if this „summer destination“ is technically cheating, it is essential to remember that it is summer there. You can enjoy the colorful costumes, parade, and of course, music. Samba rhythms will overtake your body and, to top it all off, you can try delicious Brazilian food.

Vienna, Austria

The City of Music, as the Austrian capital of Vienna, is known around the world, is home to some world-class opera music and theater. The Vienna State Opera House is open from September to July if you happen to go there during this time.

ultimate summer destinations for music lovers

Inside the famous Vienna State Opera. Photo by Wirestock via

But the true delight awaits in the summer when the famous Vienna Opera Festival is held and many come to the city to enjoy centuries-old music. Of course, many productions put a new spin on them, giving them a fresh and modern take. The festival is held through July and August, so you may choose the period you wish to attend based on the performers.

All of New Zealand

New Zealand has a great range of summer destinations for music lovers, making this one of the ultimate summer destinations for music lovers. While the festivals may not be as large as in other countries, you get the added bonus of being able to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world while recovering from a hard night out dancing and enjoying the local artists.

ultimate summer destinations for music lovers

Music festivals abound in New Zealand. Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Some New Zealand festivals worth checking out are Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne, One Love in Tauranga, Homegrown in Wellington, and Splore in Auckland. Each of these is a stone’s throw away from some fantastic summer destinations to explore. You can even book a summer holiday staying in a bach, which is a New Zealand holiday home typically close to a beach.

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Looking for Ultimate Summer Destinations for Music Lovers

For every music lover out there, there is a place where they can feel accepted and enjoy the kind of music they like. Now is the perfect time to travel to some of the ultimate summer destinations for music lovers. Experience and uniquely enjoy the music and meet like-minded people.

Now is the perfect time to travel to some of the ultimate summer destinations for music lovers. Explore these destinations for music lovers. 


Music Lovers’ Ultimate Summer Destinations

Written by EJ Ray

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