3 Reasons Why Greece Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

If you have never visited Greece, then it is time for you to include this incredibly amazing country on your bucket list. From the breathtaking landscapes, historic and ancient sites, to the endless miles of island shores and beaches, Greece has it all—which is the main reason why it is a must-visit destination for everyone who loves to explore. Here are the three main reasons why you should consider Greece as your next vacation destination.

The Culture of Greece

There is nothing more amazing than visiting a country where myths and legends that we learn in school originated. Besides, Greece also boasts harboring ancient cities, more than 17 UNESCO world heritage sites, and artifacts that are thousands of years old.

You can't complete your trip to Greece without a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon and have a view of the ancient sanctuary that is known for hosting the first Olympic Games. You also cannot afford to miss a visit to the archaeologic site located in Delhi, the place believed to be the very center of the universe.

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Visit the Parthenon in Greece. Photo via Creative Commons

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The Scenery in Greece

There is nothing more fascinating than walking the path of gods. There are also sites that will surely amaze you throughout your stay in Greece. With its dramatic cliffs, rugged mountains, and amazing beaches with clear waters, there is no doubt that Greece is a dream destination, and especially for photography lovers.


Santorini in Greece. Photo via Creative Commons

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The diverse scenery ranges from the amazing treasures of antiquity to engineering marvels and much more that you can explore. You can, for instance, stop for a snapshot at the Corinth canal, a place where Emperor Nero personally broke ground attempting to build a canal.

Greece should be your next vacation destination

Corinth Canal in Greece. Photo courtesy Creative Commons

Or stop on top of the Rio-Antiroll Bridge, known to be the world's longest cable-stayed bridge, not forgetting the ancient sites such as Acronafplia and Nafplio, the oldest castle.

Some of the most breathtaking sites in Greece are found on the Greek coast. The shores and beaches located in Greece are mesmerizing. They are also diverse—from crystal blue waters, to clear waters, pebbles to soft sand, and volcanic soil shores. You can also decide to take a yacht charter in Greece and experience the amazing view of the sea world.

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The Islands of Greece

Another good reason why you should visit Greece is to see the Greek islands. These are among the most unforgettable places you can ever visit on the Mediterranean. There are more than 5000 Greek islands that give a unique experience to travelers. A great percentage of these islands are inhabited, and each of them has its own uniqueness.

Yacht Charter in Greece

Yachting the Greek Islands

BONUS—The Food in Greece!

It is almost impossible to talk about a Greek vacation and not mention the food. Greece is known for offering both delicious and healthy cuisine. You can have a taste of roasted lamb and potatoes, fresh vegetables, olive oil, and seafood. All the meals are both tasty and freshly prepared.

Whether you want to experience the ancient wonders of Greece or have a view of some of the world's most attractive sceneries, Greece is a place that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. And once you do it, you will realize that a single vacation is not enough. With so much to see and do in Greece, traveling to this historic country can be addictive.

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