Drinking with Intention

Drinking with intention is about being present and enjoying the experience as you savor each sip. Slow down, savor, and enjoy the moment.

When was the last time you opened a bottle of wine, poured yourself a glass, and enjoyed that glass with intention? An intention is an aim or plan. To drink with intention starts with the wine in your glass and follows with your being present as you savor every sip. And with the Ace of Cups Wine and Crystal Ritual Experience, drinking with intention has never been easier.

wine and crystals

Drinking with intention is part of the Crystal Ritual with Ace of Cups wine. Photo by Allison Levine

Meet the Creators Who Envisioned Drinking with Intention 

Fahara Zamora is a Los Angeles-based sommelier who has overseen the wine programs of award-winning fine dining restaurants with world-renowned chefs. When it comes to wine, Zamora has always been what she calls “a soil and rock nerd.”

She has traveled to different wine regions worldwide and collected rocks and soil samples. She notes that minerals are considered crystals with different energetic properties in many soil compositions.

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While Zamora was working at Gwen Restaurant in Los Angeles, she met Madison Young, dating one of the chefs. Young would sit at the bar, and Zamora would take care of her. The two became friends.

Young grew up around crystals, but they were not integral to her journey until one day in her early twenties. With crystals integrated into her lifestyle, she saw her energy shift upward. Madison’s dream was to open her own crystal and meditation space. When Young and Zamora first met, Young was studying and getting certifications. A year later, she opened Open Eye Crystals.

Young and Zamora. Photo courtesy Ace of Cups Wine and Crystal Ritual Experience

Crystals Meet Wine

Zamora and Young began talking about crystals.

“As we would meet up, she would talk about super cool minerals, which I was fascinated by,” explains Zamora. She was fascinated by the historical perspective of how minerals formed and where they came from. For example, there are fossils in sedimentary ocean beds, obsidian in volcanic soils, and some vineyards in the California Central Coast have raw, unpolished rose quartz. She was also fascinated by the meditation angle.

Zamora began to see a correlation between minerals and winemaking and farming practices. Wine is made in the vineyard. It is more than where the grapes are grown or what the wine tastes like in the glass, but is also how the land is treated. It is about the history of the region, the challenges the region has experienced, and all that has occurred to reach the point where we are today.

Zamora adds, “Everything is so interconnected.”

The Crystal Ritual Experience. Photo by Allison Levine

The Concept Behind Ace of Cups Wine and Crystal Ritual Experience

When Zamora and Young would get together, Zamora would bring wines with her that were made by people who care about the vineyard and soil. She would tell the stories of these farmers who practice biodynamic and regenerative farming. Madison would share different stones and their unique properties. Their gatherings were a time to learn and share. Everything was interconnected, and they considered offering a class to share this with others.

Then the pandemic hit. So, they created Ace of Cups Wine and Crystal Ritual Experience. The name reflects the interconnectedness of wine and spirituality. In Tarot, the Ace of Cups card, when in an upright position, signifies new beginnings, usually in terms of love, empathy, compassion, and happiness. The initials AOC stand for France’s appellation d’origine contrôlée, a legally defined geographical area that identifies the origin of a wine.

Ace of Cups Wine and Crystal Ritual Experience is an intentional and curated quarterly ritual experience that combines healing crystals and wine into a shared spiritual practice. Ace of Cups also offers a full moon box each month. Each ritual experience kit includes two bottles of sommelier-curated biodynamic wine made with the moon cycle in mind. Young selects ethically sourced crystals to harmonize with the pending astral shift. They ship the wines and crystals in eco-friendly packaging. And they donate a percentage of every ritual kit to a California non-profit.

Setting up for the summer crystal and wine session. Photo by Allison Levine

How to Drink with Intention

The Ace of Cups package comes with a set of cards. The first card has a QR code that connects to a playlist of songs to help you get in the mindset. For the summer kit, which I enjoyed, the song list was playful and fun to fit the season. It included songs like “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest and “Tops” by The Rolling Stones. On the back of the card are instructions on creating your personal ritual.

Understanding the Crystals

One card in the set includes descriptions of the crystals selected and the meaning of each crystal. Some of the stones in each kit are minerals found in the soils where the wines came from.

Understanding the Wines

Another card describes the wines Zamora selected. It offers some background information about the winery and the two selected wines.

Understanding the Ritual

Another card explains the purpose of the ritual. For example, the Summer Solstice is about radical pleasure. The summer solstice marks the year’s longest day, and the energy is electric and juicy. The final card is blank; you can use it as a journal to write down your intentions, thoughts, or insights. And if you do not know what to write, the back side of the card offers some thought-provoking questions.

The Key to Drinking with Intention

The key to drinking with intention with Ace of Cups, or any time, is to do it in your own time, on your terms. You can do it alone or with friends. The point is to take the space and time to treat yourself and indulge in a glass of wine within a wellness space.

Set out your crystals, your wine, and your intentions. And you can repeat the ritual as many times as you want. And you can use other wines. You can use the stones repeatedly, even if they are from a different season. You can also carry the stones in your pocket as worry stones.

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The Ace of Cups and Crystal Ritual Experience

Drinking with intention is a personal experience. Drinking with intention enables you to be present and savor the experience. It is important to remember that when we drink with intention, we are doing it for ourselves. We are in control. You can purchase the Ace of Cups package for each solstice or choose the full moon kit. If you prefer, you can subscribe to receive a new kit every three months. If you prefer to try something similar on your own, be sure to refer to Wander for some of our favorite wines to match your every intention.

Drinking with Intention


Drinking with Intention

Written by Allison Levine

Allison Levine is owner of Please The Palate, a boutique agency specializing in marketing and event planning for the wine and spirits industry. With over 20 years of experience in communications, marketing and event planning, Allison is passionate about the world around her and the diverse people in it. Allison holds a Master’s Degree in International Communications with a focus on cross-cultural training from the American University School of International Service. She also holds a WSET Level 3 Certificate from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), an Italian Wine Specialist Diploma from the North American Sommelier Association, a Certified Meeting Professional Certificate (CMP), and is BarSmarts Wired certified. Prior to launching Please The Palate, Allison worked at The Tasting Panel Magazine/Blue Lifestyle, running the marketing and events division and focusing on organizing over 75 trade events each year across the United States. Always passionate about wine and serious about making her passion her career, she started out at LearnAboutWine where she built and ran the start-up wine education business, organizing classes and private events throughout Los Angeles. After that, she was in the trenches as a sales rep at importer/distributor Chambers and Chambers where she learned about the wholesale aspect of the industry. As an industry expert, she works with wine regions around the world, organizing trade and media events around the United States. She has traveled extensively and has lived abroad in Italy, Spain and Mexico where she developed her passion for food and wine. Her work allows her to live life to the fullest and, as a freelance writer, Allison communicates her experiences into articles, as well as in her blog (pleasethepalate.com/blog). She is a columnist for the Napa Valley Register, as well as a regular contributor to California Winery. She is the host of the podcast WineSoundtrack USA where she interviews winemakers and winery owners who share their stories, insights and some humorous anecdotes. Her work has also appeared in ATOD Magazine, Wine Industry Advisor, Drizly, WineTouristMagazine, Thrillist, LA Weekly, LAPALME Magazine, BIN (Beverage Industry News), FoodableTV, Drink Me Mag, WeSaidGoTravel.com, Wine Country This Week and The Tasting Panel. Allison sits on the Board of the non-profit Vintage Hollywood and is the Wine Committee Chair for its annual food and wine charity event.

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