Couples Getaway at Utah’s Red Mountain Resort

Written by Sandy Bornstein

January 27, 2023
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Red Mountain Resort in Utah is an ideal couple’s getaway. This wellness resort offers hiking, wellness activities, a relaxing spa, delicious dining, and breathtaking scenery.

Red Mountain Resort near St. George, Utah, was our 2022 wellness resort destination. During the pandemic, my husband Ira and I became hooked on spending a few days at a place focusing on the mind and the body. While many wellness retreats primarily cater to solo travelers and the girlfriend trip audience, we have experienced tremendous value during previous couple’s getaways. After Ira’s glioblastoma, terminal brain cancer, diagnosis in July 2020, I decided to include health-conscious resorts into our travel plans so Ira could be exposed to new activities to challenge his brain.

Traveling to Red Mountain Resort

We minimized travel time and transportation costs by flying into St. George Regional Airport. We didn’t need to rent a car because Red Mountain Resort provides a complimentary shuttle service between the airport and the resort. This small airport, near the border of Nevada and Arizona, services smaller airplanes from SkyWest Airlines for American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. Harry Reid International Airport offers more flight options with larger airplanes. However, driving a little more than two hours is necessary to reach the resort after landing in Las Vegas.

Accommodations and Inspiring Grounds

We were immediately struck by the majestic beauty of the surrounding red mountain cliffs when our shuttle approached Red Mountain Resort. It was easy to leave behind our day-to-day concerns in this desert habitat filled with many photo opportunities and onsite activities.

Our spacious Villa King Bedroom had an oversized bathroom with a double bowl vanity, a large shower, and a separate deep soaking tub with whirlpool jets. From our second-floor balcony, we could see the main pool area below.

Red Mountain Resort Main Pool Area. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

Red Mountain Resort Main Pool Area. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

To avoid a la carte charges, I recommend selecting an inclusive package. With the Red Mountain Essential Retreat package, we had three meals a day at the onsite Canyon Breeze Restaurant, a choice of two early morning hikes, a selection of late morning and afternoon fitness classes, the use of the indoor and outdoor pools, time in the fitness center, use of bicycles, and access to walking trails. While this package does include a small assortment of classes, numerous other activities require additional fees. For example, other guests visited Zion National Park, participated in a canyoneering class, or took advantage of rock climbing, rappelling, or using off road electric bikes.

Our Schedule at Red Mountain Resort

Even with the intense August heat, we could reach every onsite amenity by walking. Guests who would prefer a golf cart ride can request this perk. Walking up a flight of stairs is necessary to reach a sizeable number of rooms.

To capture the spiritual essence of a Red Mountain sunset, we timed our dinner to take daily walks on the inspiration trail and visit the labyrinth.  A sign stating, “Enter to let go of what limits you and exit filled with peace and inspiration,” greets guests entering the labyrinth.

Other than the early morning hours, the evening hours were the coolest part of the day. Had the heat not been so overwhelming, we would have trekked on some trails easily reached from the resort property.

Morning Hikes at Red Mountain Resort’s Spa

We participated in the early morning challenge hike on two of our three days. Both were rated moderately aerobic, mid-level hikes, although the terrain and pace differed dramatically.

Hiking the Gila Trail

I easily kept up with the first hike on the Gila Trail in the Red Cliff Desert Reserve, which had a combination of deep sand and steep rocky surfaces. A slot canyon with petroglyphs was the highlight of this two-and-a-half-hour journey.

Trekking on the Gila Trail in the Red Cliff Desert Reserve near Red Mountain Resort.

Trekking on the Gila Trail in the Red Cliff Desert Reserve. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

Hiking Snow Canyon State Park

The steep sandstone cliffs with uneven surfaces and an energetic younger group intent on maximizing their cardio workout made the second day in the Snow Canyon State Park less appealing. Unlike this younger cohort, who felt speed was their optimal goal, I wanted to absorb the natural beauty of the slick rock trails at a reasonable speed with time to stop for pictures. Since I preferred not to race up the steep slopes on the Butterfly, Petrified Dunes, and Lava Flow trails, I could not complete all four peaks. We arrived back at the resort in less than two hours, so had we not rushed, there was plenty of time to do all the trails within the allotted two and a half hours.

Hikers Hiking up the Steep Sandstone Surface in Snow Canyon State Park.

Hikers Hiking up the Steep Sandstone Surface in Snow Canyon State Park. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

Hiking the Paradise Loop Trail

Our final choice was a dramatically easier explorer hike on the Paradise Loop Trail in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. This partially shaded trail with a gradual incline offered ample time to take pictures of the geological formations and St. George from a designated overlook. This guided hike was less interesting than the previous two hikes and was designed for people who prefer not to be challenged.

Rock Formation on Paradise Loop Trail in Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.

Rock Formation on Paradise Loop Trail in Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

Daily Activities at Red Mountain Resort’s Spa

We spent afternoons exploring unfamiliar activities. Katrina, a woman with a remarkable recovery story, led our Melt classes. After eight years of constant pain after an ATV accident that left her crippled with a broken back and pelvis, three broken ribs, and a collapsed lung, Katrina took her first Melt class and found relief. This inspired her to become a personal trainer and Melt instructor.

In her classes, we were instructed to use special balls to apply gentle tension and compression techniques to draw fluids back into the fascia. Katrina says, “not only provides pain relief but creates a healthier living environment for your cells. It can improve neurological function and increase athletic performance.”

Melt Class led by Katrina at the Red Mountain Resort.

Melt Class led by Katrina. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

We also experimented with Hyperice vibrating balls. After the instructor gently warned me not to use the ball near an artificial joint, I wasn’t sure this device was a good fit since I had a hip replacement.

Another interesting class allowed us to test our balance, coordination, and stamina by following instructions as we jumped on individual round trampolines. At one point, I stopped to gaze at Ira in disbelief. After being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, I didn’t think following a routine while jumping on a trampoline would be possible. Our remaining classes were similar to other exercise classes, water aerobics, and yoga classes often available at other wellness resorts.

We ended each afternoon swimming laps and relaxing at the pool near our accommodations. This gave us a good opportunity to wind down after a busy day of activity.

Sagestone Spa & Salon

Spa visits are always a special treat, especially when you indulge in an unfamiliar treatment. Before booking a resort, I usually read the offerings and ask about their signature services. At the Sagestone Spa & Salon, I was intrigued by the Red Mountain Revitalizer Treatment that was touted as “our most luxurious full body treatment.”

Without hesitation, I agreed to participate in this 75-minute indulgence that included my first experience with a Vichy shower, a European invention that dates back centuries. While lying on a table, Kristi, a trained massage therapist, used the power of water pressure and touch to alter my state of mind. On a tangible level, I walked away with hydrated skin, immaculate hair, a clean face, and a massaged body while simultaneously drifting into a serene place far removed from my normal thoughts.

After over a decade of performing this ritual, I was curious to hear Kristi’s view of this transformative experience. “Touch is important. It is healing, connecting, and soothing. This is not a one-sided exchange. I love to give. It is a gift for me to be able to give in this way, in this environment. It is a beautiful exchange.”

Since Ira had no interest in spa treatments, he headed to the fitness center. He was content to do his strength training routines.

Dining at Canyon Breeze at the Red Mountain Resort

Since the occupancy rate was relatively high during our stay, breakfast and lunch were served buffet style to accommodate the diverse schedules of the resort guests. While the buffet menu did change slightly each day, there was a smaller than usual number of choices, and there were fewer organic and healthier options than anticipated.

Red Mountain Resort House Salad.

Red Mountain Resort House Salad. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

The best part of the cuisine was the sit-down dinner selections. The menu had three categories—inspired cuisine, plant-based fare, and casual dining. The Red Mountain Essential Retreat package included a soup or salad, an entrée, and a dessert.  Labels display gluten-free and dairy-free options. Only one fish selection was available each night. Despite this limitation, we were extremely pleased with the freshness and quality of the entrées. The seasonal fruit crisp served with coconut gluten-free sorbet was also a winner.

Tuna Entree with Broccoli topped with Pineapple Pico de Gallo Sauce.

Tuna Entree with Broccoli topped with Pineapple Pico de Gallo Sauce. Photo by Sandy Bornstein

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Revitalized at Red Mountain Resort

After our Red Mountain Resort getaway, Ira and I returned home considerably more relaxed. Not only did we enjoy our time away from our daily routine, but we also appreciated the days spent admiring the Navajo sandstone mountains, mornings hiking in a desert environment, and continuing to enrich our minds and bodies with familiar and unfamiliar experiences. When planning your next wellness getaway or a trip to Utah, let Wander With Wonder be your inspiration.

Red Mountain Resort in Utah is an ideal couple's getaway. This wellness resort offers hiking, wellness activities, a relaxing spa, delicious dining, and breathtaking scenery.


Couples Getaway at Utah’s Red Mountain Resort

Written by Sandy Bornstein

Sandy Bornstein is a Colorado-based, award-winning travel and lifestyle writer who focuses on active adventure, food and beverages, history and culture, cruises, luxury boomer travel, family travel, health and wellness, worldwide Jewish culture, and the importance of embracing life when faced with an incurable cancer diagnosis. After living as an expat international teacher in Bangalore, India, Sandy wrote May This Be the Best Year of Your Life: A memoir as a resource for people contemplating an expat lifestyle. In the fall of 2022, Sandy's second book, 100 Things to Do in Boulder Before You Die, will be published by Reedy Press. Connect with Sandy at and