People are in a frenzy as the world is almost on lockdown. Even frequent travelers may find it hard to pack in crisis. The first thing to do is to take a deep breath and relax. Check if you are allowed or have to travel. Here are tips to help you get ready fast without leaving any essentials behind.

Pick Your Luggage

Travel backpacks or wheeled suitcases are the normal two choices you may have for your luggage. Depending on your preference, both have their pros and cons.

A wheeled suitcase is better organized and will not put pressure on you. Fragile items are safer in hard shell suitcases, but the suitcases can break if mishandled. On the other hand, soft-shell travel bags can fit well in most spaces and do not get damaged as fast.

DELSEY Montmartre+ on the road

DELSEY Montmartre+ wheeled suitcase. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

Travel backpacks are easier to carry around and do not occupy much space. You can also have them as carry-ons when checking in. Spacious bags with many pockets come in handy for storage of your things. They are, however, harder to pack and bulky if you carry many things.

Whatever your choice, ensure that it fits your packing list. It helps to get a color that stands out from the rest. Avoid standard black bags to decrease the chances of someone accidentally taking your luggage.

Suitable Clothes

Depending on your destination, you would want to check the weather. If you are heading to countries with low temperatures, carry a winter jacket or two. Though you are less likely to leave the house for meetings and occasions, take comfortable and functional outfits. You can throw in a few stylish t-shirts and shirts for a refined look if you have to attend a virtual meeting or video calls.

If you're going to be on virtual calls for work, think about packing clothing for video conferences.

Try to mix and match the clothes, and make sure that whatever you carry, you can wear more than once without looking obvious. Black trousers, khaki trousers, or jeans are a must-have.

Underwear and Socks

Though people dress to impress on the outside, what you wear underneath matters more. It would be best if you had comfortable clothes and the right underwear for the trip. Super soft bamboo fabric with a micro-mesh (no-friction) area makes even long flights or drives bearable. Get boxers that have breathable features to fight odors.

Chill boys briefs for travel during COVID-19Pay attention to the briefs and underwear you carry. Chill Boys Soft Bamboo Boxers feature a relaxed fit that is made with super soft bamboo blended with spandex for additional flex and stretch can help you relax amidst anxiety. These boxers are also available in a brief style for the men who prefer body fitting options.

A few pieces of quick-dry boxers like chill boys performance Boxers with micro-mesh will ensure you always have something to wear despite the weather.

Chill boys briefs for travel during COVID-19In these uncertain days filled with anxiety, you need all the comfort you can get. Like underwear, socks should make your feet comfortable. The last thing you need is sweaty cracked feet if you have to get out. A few pieces will suffice as movement is restricted.


Besides the shoes you travel in, a pair of bathroom slippers and crocs may be all you need. Too many pairs of shoes occupy unnecessary space.

Laptop and Smartphone

In this day and age, you cannot leave your electronics behind. You need your phone to keep in touch and laptop to work. Besides work, you need to stay informed of what is happening around the world.

Cropped shot of modern office room with blank screen laptop computer and office supplies on white table

Remember to pack the chargers and sim cards. Your gadgets should be able to connect to the internet. Virtual communication is crucial today, and regardless of the situation, there is no excuse to go quiet with all the technological advancements.


Load your debit cards and carry your credit cards with you. If you don't have a credit card, you might want to consider one since mainly so you have access to financial help in the event of an emergency. There are some fantastic credit card offers available that offer perks, bonuses, and rewards for travel-related purchases. In case you have vouchers valid within the area of your destination, carry them along.

Best American Express credit card options for immigrants to America

Don't forget to take your credit cards. Photo by Alanyadk via Pixabay

You cannot do much without money, but in the wake of the coronavirus, cashless transactions are the better option. Having acceptable forms of payments on major e-commerce sites is better in case you need to purchase something.


Are you on any medication? Ensure to pack any prescription medicine in your hand luggage. In case you experience delays, you can still take your dose on time. Carry your health-related products as well. It may help to check suppliers near you in case you run out.

travel during COVID-19

Don't forget to take your prescription medication with you. Photo by Arek Socha via Pixabay

Sanitizers are a must-carry in this period as you will need to maintain a high level of hygiene. Add hand tissues as they are easy to carry and practical.

Update your insurance details and carry your card with you in case you fall sick or get involved in an accident. Travel insurance to cover you in transit is inevitable. Get acquainted with the details of the package to know what exactly it covers.


Personal effects for travel differ depending on individuals, though there are common travel items including toothbrush, toothpaste, lotions, among others. Other people cannot survive without a book or two, and some escape boredom through indulging in computer games or phones. Find space for whatever you use to escape boredom, be with your loved ones, and travel safely when you must.

Packing in a hurry so you can shelter in place? Remember to pack comfortable clothes and the right underwear for the trip. Don't forget to add something for those video conferences!

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