Joya Spa at Montelucia Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona is a peaceful sanctuary where the world seems to disappear. Montelucia is a Spanish-inspired resort at the foot of Scottsdale's picturesque Camelback Mountain. The views from anywhere in the resort are magnificent, but from the rooftop pool at the spa, the views really are some of the most spectacular you will find anywhere in the Phoenix area. Each time I'm fortunate enough to visit Joya, it always reminds me how lucky I am to be able to enjoy such a beautiful part of our country.

Joya Spa Womens Lounge

Women's Relaxation Lounge. Photo courtesy Joya Spa

Joya Spa is a refuge from the moment you approach it. Serene fountains lead you to the entry and a towering ceiling with dimly lit lights is stunning when you step inside. As you climb the winding staircase to the second level where the spa is located, you immediately smell the wonderful fragrance that is uniquely Joya Spa. Joyambrosia, created exclusively for Joya by alchemists who used the essence of the rare blooms from the night-blooming Queen of the Desert cactus, is one of the most clean, relaxing, captivating fragrances I've ever encountered. It seems to wrap you in comfort the moment you arrive.

The spa gets its inspiration from the art, architecture and designs of Spain's Andalusia region and from Morocco. You feel that everywhere. In the silk pillows and couches of the lounge as you wait for your treatment to begin, in the quiet relaxation room with its billowing curtains surrounding your bed as you nod off following a massage, in the elegant spa suites and in the beautiful lighting that casts shadows into intriguing nooks throughout the spa.

Joya Suite 2

Joya Suite. Photo courtesy Montelucia Resort and Spa

I have enjoyed the treatments I've received at Joya. Each one has been relaxing and I've always been able to float away into that beautiful massage world. The unforgettable experience, however, is the sense of place I get from simply being at Joya. I enjoy soaking in the whirlpool and feeling the steam cleanse my body in the steam room. I always make time to stake out a claim on one of the beds in the relaxation room, pull the curtains closed and drift away for a while with not a care in the world. I also love to spend the afternoon on the rooftop, sitting by the pool, watching the blue Arizona sky and the red rocks of the Camelback.

The last visit I made to Montelucia, actually the last two visits there, I shared my spa time with my daughter-in-law. We both enjoy Joya and relish those unforgettable moments of pampering and escape. A stay at the resort is a wonderful experience, but even a spa day makes for a perfect escape. The spa frequently offers specials and for the price of one treatment, you can spend the entire day pampering yourself at Joya Spa.

Spa Arrival

Arrival at Joya Spa. Photo courtesy Montelucia Resort and Spa

Joya Spa at Montelucia Resort and Spa
4949 E. Lincoln Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85253


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