Space-Saving Strategies: Maximizing RV Storage with RV Access Doors

Written by EJ Ray

May 30, 2023
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Your RV has nooks and crannies you can use for storage. Learn how installing RV access doors can help maximize your camper’s storage.

Everyone who owns and loves to travel anywhere in the country with their RVs understands how vital it is to maximize storage space. The limited storage capacity can be a problem if you don’t organize. In this article, we will delve into space-saving strategies to maximize the storage capacity in your RV, motorhome, or fifth-wheel camper by effectively using RV access doors.

RV Access Doors Quick Overview

You might be wondering why RV owners and enthusiasts prefer to use RV access doors when they can upgrade the vehicle’s storage capacity. For several reasons, you might consider utilizing access panels—such as a BA-PAL Insulated Aluminum Access Door—to help increase your motorhome’s storage.

BA-PAL Insulated Aluminum Access Door

BA-PAL Insulated Aluminum Access Door

One reason to use an access door is that manufacturers design the access doors with convenience in mind, making them excellent entry points for those components located in hard-to-reach areas or spaces within your vehicle.

In addition, the aesthetic designs efficiently conceal your belongings and critical RV components without needing heavy decoration.

RV access doors also come in standard and customizable sizes to meet your RV’s storage needs. This allows you to maximize the storage area efficiently while keeping everything readily and easily accessible.

Finally, RV access doors use durable materials such as aluminum, steel, and plastic to ensure functionality and longevity. However, it is worth noting that the RV access door’s materials depend on its purpose and various factors such as the installation location and size.

4 Steps to Utilize RV Access Doors to Maximize Storage in Your RV

Your RV has limited space, so you must innovate to maximize storage. Here’s how to add more compartments and multifunctional rooms to maximize the motorhome’s storage potential and revolutionize your travel experience for a more unforgettable journey!

Step # 1. Assess Your Storage Needs

The first thing you must do in space-saving strategies is to start assessing the storage area you need. By evaluating it, you can quickly determine and appropriately allocate the space based on the items you need to store in your RV.

Evaluating the storage also helps you regulate and prioritize the items you want to bring during travel. It also allows you to suitably organize the items for your RV to have an optimal weight distribution to control and maintain the RV’s balance and stability while driving the vehicle.

Understanding what items you must bring and where to store them will also improve your overall safety and comfort during travel.

Camper recreational vehicle camping on nature in mountains, Andalucia Spain. Morning light. Vacation, travel in motor home.

You should begin by assessing your storage needs. Photo by Voyagerix via iStock by Getty Images

Step # 2. Sort and Categorize

Sorting the items you need to bring on your trip will help you gain insights into what RV access door material you need to use or what parts of the access door you need to customize to safely and adequately protect fragile and delicate items from accidental impact.

Categorizing the items according to their nature, size, accessibility, and usage frequency will also help you determine where to strategically put the RV access door allowing you to store items you usually use in a more appropriate area. For example, you might want to install an exterior access door close to camping gear. This allows you to access the supplies conveniently when camping.

Streamlining the decluttering can create a more systematic approach when storing the supplies and other items necessary for the trip. It can help reduce the overall stress you might get during your trip.

Step # 3. Strategically Placing Access Doors

In this step, you must consider the overall layout and design of your RV, motorhome, or fifth wheel, as they are crucial in strategically placing the access doors.

RV interior

You can find ways to maximize storage by adding access doors inside and outside your RV. Photo by Amelia Pearn via iStock by Getty Images

Underneath the Seating Areas

You may utilize the built-in seating areas if your RV has minimal space. Check if you can install an RV access door underneath the dinettes or sofas. Or, you may customize the chairs and transform them into a multi-purpose tool that can also serve as storage compartments for your belongings, tucking away pillows, bedsheets, and even outdoor gear.

Utilize the Cabinets

You can also make use of your RV’s cabinets. They can indeed store different kinds of items safely. However, the problem is that the cabinet size might be too big, and you might need help reaching the things you need.

Redesigning your cabinet and installing an RV access door inside or on its side can create extra storage and help improve accessibility by allowing you to get things quickly.

Transform Unused Corners

The goal in space-saving is to ensure that you get to maximize the space to have more storage areas. RVs often have unutilized corners that you can quickly transform into perfect storage space.

You may start installing access doors that work best with vertical space to neatly conceal long and narrow items such as brooms, sticks, and fishing rods.

Top 3 Benefits of Installing RV Access Doors to Maxime RV Storage Space

RV Access Doors offer various benefits, but here are the key factors to consider installing the access panel.


Determine the best places for installing access doors to maximize your storage. Photo by arinahabich via iStock by Getty Images

1. Enhanced Organization and Accessibility

Enhanced organization and accessibility help you declutter and adequately organize your things. You can utilize the different RV access doors to dedicate space for your camping gear, kitchen supplies, extra bedding, and other tools. This systematic approach can quickly help you find things in a short period.

2. Increased Living Space and Improved Comfort

Efficiently utilizing the RV access doors will help improve your vehicle’s storage area and compartments and make it look more spacious and comfortable.

3. Maintain a Clutter-Free and Mobile RV

Concealing the camping materials, tools, and other items behind closed doors can also maintain and improve the RV, motorhome, or fifth wheel’s visual appeal making your space more inviting during your travels.

Tiny house / camper with a remodeled interior

With some planning, you can create a comfortable, organized space in your RV or fifth-wheel trailer. Photo by Alisha Bube via iStock by Getty Images

Start Upgrading Your RV

RV owners and enthusiasts know the importance of an excellent storage capacity, especially those traveling for an extended time.

RV access doors can help improve the RV’s storage spaces with features and benefits, such as enhanced organization and ease of retrieval that allow you to properly and neatly organize your belongings without compromising accessibility.

However, to maximize storage in your RV, motorhome, or fifth-wheel camper through the effective use of RV access doors, you need to strategically install the RV access doors for improved functionality and a more streamlined organization approach. With some planning, you’ll have a neat, tidy, and comfortable indoor environment wherever your RV takes you.

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Your RV has nooks and crannies you can use for storage. Learn how installing RV access doors can help maximize your camper's storage.


Space-Saving Strategies: Maximizing RV Storage with RV Access Doors

Written by EJ Ray

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