Everything is Coming Out Noodles: Ramen Hood in Scottsdale

Written by Kamilla Graham

August 7, 2018
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There is nothing more down-to-earth and soothing than some noodles. In every corner and culture in the world, there is an iconic noodle dish. Right now Ramen is having a moment with shops and vendors breaking out on the scene. And this isn’t your buck a pack snack ramen anymore. These ramen dishes offer rich, aromatic broth, fresh herbs, pork belly, soft-boiled eggs, and all the herbs and veggies that you can eat. Oh, and ramen noodles! Recently, Ramen Hood opened in North Scottsdale, offering ramen lovers an opportunity to build their own, perfect noodle bowl.

The Ramen Hood Concept

The owner, James Xie, wanted to bring the authentic flavors he found while visiting Japan to Phoenix. He said, “Every time I visit Japan, my first stop is finding a mom-and-pop ramen restaurant. The best ones are always very low-key, no-frills, but always have long lines.”

Ramen Hood Scottsdale

Ramen Hood. Photo courtesy Ramen Hood

And long lines there were for opening night when I stopped by with my sons to check it out. Everyone was thrilled and the lines moved quickly in the fast-casual, counter-service style spot. Grabbing an order list we all selected what we wanted in our ramen that night. Guests can choose between traditional noodles and gluten-free noodles or even create a rice bowl.

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Next, pick your flavor by choosing your broth and your sauce. With everything from Tonkotsu—a pork broth—to vegetarian, everyone will be satisfied. Pick your sauces and seasoning if you want them, and then add a protein. I added Cha Siu but my oldest son had tofu.

Finally the toppings! With everything from a spicy miso paste to green onions—if you can imagine it, you can add it to your ramen. Also, there is the option to add extra noodles, meat or broth, and a seasoned soft-boiled egg.

Ramen Hood

Ramen bowls at Ramen Hood. Photo courtesy Ramen Hood

Enjoying Our Ramen Hood Meal

Everything came out perfect and delicious. The broth was rich and filling, every dish was customized to each person’s tastes and mood. I stuck to a simple ramen dish with traditional noodles, tonkatsu, cha siu, and then added green onion, cilantro, snap peas, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, kimchi, and some Nori. It was incredibly satisfying to be able to order what I wanted without having to alter another person’s recipe.

Ramen Hood

Ramen Bowl with Cha Siu (pork). Photo courtesy Ramen Hood

Ramen Hood is also offering guests some specialty items to share, such as steamed bao or gyoza, which is a pan-fried pork dumpling served with a house-made sauce for dipping. Plus, be sure to grab a Ramune, a popular Asian soft drink that has great fruit flavors and a marble that needs to be popped down into the drink to open it.

Armed with the trade secrets of traditional Japanese ramen chefs, Xie’s Ramen Hood is absolutely guaranteed to stand out in the valley.

When You Go to Ramen Hood

Ramen Hood is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., with extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights. You will find it located at 15807  N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Ste. 105, Scottsdale, AZ.

Written by Kamilla Graham

As a Phoenix native, Kamilla Graham loves finding the best wow moments in the Grand Canyon State. Kamilla believes that having five kids and living on a budget is no reason to not travel and expose kids to the world’s cultures. When she is not shuttling kids and working on local events for Wander, Kamilla enjoys spa days, great ethnic food and music festivals.

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