Is Making Sushi at Home Fun?

Written by EJ Ray

August 23, 2021

As the world becomes smaller in terms of connectivity and communication, food is evolving and gaining new aspects. Today, we can say with confidence that the food of any particular region is not indigenous at all. Instead, the recipe travels from one country to another and takes on a completely new life. History is filled with such examples of food changing and evolving. One recent example of a dish evolving in various other parts of the world is sushi. But is making sushi at home fun or is it something you need to order out?

Kon'nichiwa Sushi—Saying Hello to a New Dish

While Japanese cuisine includes a rich variety of foods and dishes, sushi remains the face of the country’s food culture. Sushi has its roots in the southern parts of ancient China. The recipe traveled to Japanese culture via the traders and travelers who would travel between regions for trade or other purposes.

But sushi didn't begin as a major staple. Throughout China and Japan, the environment was good for wet-rice farming. As people traded and traveled between regions, they needed a way to preserve fish. Sushi is believed to have developed as a way to do that. They would reportedly wrap the fish in fermented rice to preserve it for up to a year. Who knew that the food that started as a method of survival would rule the world of exotic dishes!

Modern-day sushi has changed a lot from its ancient counterparts and adopted various cultures all around the globe. The most common form of westernized sushi is the uramaki and the western makizushi (sushi rolls).

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making sushi at home

A popular Western-style sushi roll is the Philadelphia roll with salmon, avocado, cream cheese. Photo by Vladimir Mironov via iStock by Getty Images

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The common types of sushi that are prevalent in Japan include Chirashizushi (similar to Hawaiian poké), Inarizushi (fried), and Narezushi (with the traditional fermented fish).

making sushi at home

Japanese-style sushi includes chirashizushi. Photo by Bombaert via iStock by Getty Images

Homemade Sushi

Gone are the days when making sushi at home was trouble and needed a lot of preparation. In the modern world, where everything is just a click away, so is making homemade sushi. The chief ingredients are readily available in any Asian grocery shop. Besides, all you need is a sushi-making kit, which is delivered by most e-commerce websites. 

If you are not interested in investing in the kits, then the regular components in your kitchen can also fill in as a sushi-maker so that making sushi at home is definitely fun.

What You Need for Making Sushi at Home

To make your own sushi—and have fun while doing it—you need the below ingredients:

  • Rice-cooker and paddle
  • Knife
  • Regular utensils like pots, pans, and bowls
  • Bamboo mat

While all of the above ingredients are readily available in any household, a bamboo mat might not be there. Bamboo mats come cheap. They are available at almost any store anywhere in the world. The components listed above form the basics of sushi making. You can improvise them a bit to suit your own needs.

Being able to add anything you want and invent your own comfort sushi is why making sushi at home is fun. Of course, you need rice and nori (algae sheets) and then you can get creative. Making sushi is not only fun but also convenient. Before you head out to work or school, add pre-cooked rice to a nori sheet, fill it with whatever fish and vegetables you have on hand, and you can solve the issue of that pesky “what should I make for lunch” question.

Making sushi at home is definitely fun. You can check out this fun cookbook for inspiration or see some of our other popular recipes on Wander.

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Written by EJ Ray

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