Photo of the day: Forsyth Park Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is a magical city. It is steeped in history and has a rich sense of our country's heritage. Yet it is more than that. It is a city of mystery and intrigue, of romance and beauty, of sadness and heartache. It beckoned to me like few places I've traveled. You are fortunate if you have a chance to walk the streets of historic Savannah, if you can take the time to listen to the people around you and walk past the old homes. I had that opportunity a few weeks ago and I could imagine the generations past and what it must have been like to ride a carriage through the dirt or cobbled streets. I felt the ghosts of yesteryear. I considered myself one of the lucky ones — I “got” Savannah.

Forsyth Park Savannah GA

Forsyth Park in Savannah GA. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

One of the best places to start your journey through Savannah is at the oft-photographed fountain in Forsyth Park, pictured above. I enjoyed this shot because it isn't a stark picture of a fountain in a garden, but an image of everyday people going about their lives. I watched them walking dogs, going to and from work and milling about the park. I wondered to myself if they knew how very lucky they were to call such a mysterious and incredibly beautiful city home.

To find the perfect home-away-from-home in the heart of historic Savannah, check out the four distinctive Savannah Inns. During my stay at Zeigler House Inn, I let myself imagine, for a few days, that Savannah was my own magical city.

Tip: For a great way to start your visit in Savannah, contact Old Savannah Tours for one of their overview tours of the area.


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Written by Susan Lanier-Graham

Founder and publisher Susan Lanier-Graham has traveled the world for the past twenty years, filling a passport or two along the way. She has wandered through the jungles of Thailand, explored the mysteries of the Great Pyramids, and shared the night with a leopard in Zambia. She sailed in the Mediterranean, sipped her way through Burgundy canals and Champagne caves. She followed Rembrandt’s footsteps through Amsterdam. Susan found her center on the red rocks of Sedona and soaked up an exquisite sunset over the Indian Ocean in Bali. Susan is always looking for wow moments around the world or across the street to share with adventure lovers everywhere. She has authored more than 75 books and hundreds of magazine articles. Susan is an award-winning travel writer and member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA). She is a Certified California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS). Susan's work still regularly appears in print and online. Susan is an award-winning travel writer, a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and is a Certified California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS). Susan has worked as an ambassador for Travelocity and is currently a travel ambassador for Rocky Mountaineer. Her work regularly appears in print and online in a variety of publications. These include various AAA publications, Postcards for Travel Leaders,,,, So Scottsdale, Uptown, Green Living AZ, Life Refined, Modern Luxury,, WHERE Arizona, WHERE Traveler Phoenix + Scottsdale, and more.

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