First Time On a Private Jet? The Do’s and Don’ts of Private Jet Travel

Monarch Air Group, one of South Florida’s leading private jet operators, hands out some important tips for those ready to experience their first private trip.

In the midst of an increase in occasional travelers due to the summer season (honeymoons, weddings, once-in-a-lifetime family holidays), there will be hundreds of first-time private jet travelers flying between June and September (especially in the northern hemisphere). And although there are no written rules of how to behave onboard a private aircraft (besides the basic universal inflight rules with legal implications not worth mentioning today), there are some unspoken guidelines that are worth considering before boarding, especially if you’ve been invited.

Control your expectation; not all is inclusive on a private jet

Sure, the price is high, the atmosphere surrounding the experience might feel unique and the plane you’re about to board may well be radiating a luxury lifestyle feeling, but all the previous does not give you the power to expect the unexpected on the aircraft. Some mistakenly think that flying private is only for the super-rich, and that has given the occasional travelers the wrong idea of what to expect. Expect this: You just purchased a flexible, private and tailored trip to your destination; you will arrive faster than compared to a commercial flight (no standard pre-flight process) and will be carrying your luggage at all times. But no, you won’t be able to demand the pilots to change the itinerary in midair and request last-minute cravings.

Flying on a private jet is a luxury experience but there are a few rules to help make it a great experience. Photo courtesy Monarch Air Group

Flying on a private jet is a luxury experience but there are a few rules to help make it a great experience. Photo courtesy Monarch Air Group

No need to dress to impress

The context matters, obviously, but if your first flight is for leisure purposes, then don’t mind flashing your tuxedo just to look sophisticated (unless your destination is minutes away from the church in which you’re getting married). Here, the universal dress-comfortably rule stands strong and no one, not the crew or the staff that will assist in your pre-flight checklist, will be expecting your best outfit. On the other hand, if you’ve been invited along in the context of a business trip, then the traditional casual or smart business dressing code should be taken into account.

Try to leave social media off the private jet

It’ll be hard if you’re an avid social media user not to post your private experience. We know. But especially if you’ve been invited along the trip, whether leisure or business, your host will appreciate not being tagged in a random tweet. Don’t you think? It’s called private aviation for a reason… But if it’s your once-in-a-lifetime trip with the whole family or your honeymoon, well, then you’re good to go with your posting spree as long as you don’t post pictures of the crew without consent.

Bring your pet and don’t leave surprises behind

One of the great things of flying private is that you can bring your pet along. He can sit on the seat right beside you and eat his favorite treat; light years away from traveling in the luggage compartment as offered by commercial airlines. But some rules are in place and depending on the private operator, these rules are written. You’re expected to be fully in charge of your pet and control his behavior during takeoffs, turbulences and landings. Grooming them previously and making sure they don’t have muddy paws is a great starting point. Finally, bring along a bag to put all of his leftovers (you know what we mean) and leave no special surprises for the crew.

Book the private jet in advance

You can rent a private flight with a three hours’ notice and still be ready to go. But if you’re flying with the family, it’s highly recommended to book the flight ahead, especially if it’s everyone’s first experience flying private. Why begin your dream holidays in a hectic way when you can program everything in advance, thus minimizing any last minute issues (luggage, ground transport to the airport, ID)? Just one day beforehand will do the trick (is that too much to ask?).

Monarch Air Group offers tips for private jet travel. Photo courtesy Monarch Air Group

Monarch Air Group offers tips for private jet travel. Photo courtesy Monarch Air Group

For information on chartering a private jet, contact Monarch Air Group at +1-954-359-0059 or price out your flight here for an instant quote.

This is a sponsored article written by Felipe Reisch, PR Manager for Monarch Air Group. Wander With Wonder provides content from sponsors we believe can offer great service to our readers.

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  1. Ashley Maxwell

    I appreciate what you said about planning your private plane ahead of time because there will probably be last minute issues that arise. I didn’t know that it’s not that important if you dress casually because no one will be expecting it. My husband is planning on traveling to visit a friend out of the country and is considering looking into private plane services.

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