4 Tips for Taking a Disney World Family Trip

Written by EJ Ray

May 25, 2022
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Planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom? You need a master plan for your Disney World family trip. Here are a few tips to help you plan. 

When you bring the entire family together for a trip, things start to develop a mind of their own. The kids never seem to want to do what you had planned, and the adults may want to feel like they are on vacation for a little bit. However, when you're wondering how to plan a Disney World vacation, the factors of the equation change, and you may have to become a master at planning. The Magic Kingdom is a wonderful location for families with members of all ages (from zero to 99), but it is big enough and has so many attractions that you have to think things ahead. So, if you are planning a Disney World family trip, here are a few tips to help you. 

Disneyland tips for first-time visitors

If you get in some advance planning, you'll have more time for fun during your visit to Disneyland. Photo by smckenzie via iStock by Getty Images

#1: Book the Rides Before you Leave

Disney World is one of the most crowded locations in America—they even have a Crowd Calendar! So, if you want to avoid box office congestion and make sure the trip will be enjoyable, it’s best to book everything you can ahead of time.

Disney World Family Trip

Plan a family trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Photo by Tim Brown via iStock by Getty Images

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Also, you can get Fastpasses 60 days before the trip, and there’s a handy app that gives you the wait times for each ride. Get Fastpasses for the rides where the wait is long—you’ll thank yourself for this gift when you don’t have to entertain bored children waiting in line for 45 minutes!

#2: Think Ahead About When and Where You'll Want to Eat

The same is true about food—all the restaurants and food establishments are so busy that you have to plan your meals while you’re there. Otherwise, you may have the unpleasant surprise that you can’t get in. 

family attractions in Florida

One of the most popular family attractions in Florida is Walt Disney World. Photo by Alyssa Eakin on Unsplash

You can book the food and get the park tickets 180 days in advance. My advice is to start booking tables as soon as you know your trip dates. This way, you may have a chance to choose better time slots.

If you’re not familiar with the venues and the food, check out these Disney boardwalk tips with information on the hottest locations, the menu, and the overall atmosphere. It’s beneficial to know all these ahead of time!

#3: Choose the Right Hotel

Guests have a list of 20+ Disney Hotels from which to choose, so you can be picky about it. Overall, there are options for every kind of budget, but the best way to stay on budget is to avoid rooms with a view in very close locations to the parks. You won’t spend that much time in your hotel room anyways.

During booking, ask for extra amenities (a crib or bed guardrails), so everything will be ready and waiting for you when you get there. Also, most hotels have a delivery service that will help you get rid of all the park souvenirs (they’ll be waiting in your room). 

#4: Enjoy Fireworks

Disney does know how to create magic, especially when it’s fireworks time. However, it can be difficult to enjoy them when you’re in a crowd, trying to keep the kids together. Instead, go to the nearby hotels and watch the fireworks in peace from a beautiful beach. 

Or, you could skip the fireworks and enjoy some rides without waiting in long lines. Most people are busy watching fireworks, so it’s easy to find rides with short waiting times. 

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Enjoy the Disney World Family Trip

Keep in mind that you do all this planning so everyone can have fun and enjoy the entire experience. And yes, that also includes you, the master planner(s)! Also, if you want a wholesome, restful vacation after Disney, check out some family getaway ideas by the ocean. The kids will love it, and you get to enjoy the sun and the water—what could be more blissful? If you want more ideas, Wander offers other things to do when you visit Florida

4 Tips for Taking a Disney World Family Trip

Written by EJ Ray

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