Top 5 Reasons to Travel Via Private Jet

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Every time you fly, you book a flight on a commercial airline without giving it a second thought.

But, why? Why not travel by private jet instead? For many, the answer simply comes down to finances. However, this is no longer an excuse, as there are ways you can score private jet tickets at a discount or even for free.

But, why on a private jet at all? Are the perks really that great? The answer is a definitive yes. Read on to learn the top 4 reasons to travel via private jet.

1. Enjoy Private Lounges and Terminals

Sure, flying first class on a commercial airline can be pretty decent.

However, no matter how luxurious the flight is, the only possible way to get there is by braving the chaos of the airport. This means waiting in long check-in lines, security lines, and waiting to board and disembark.

Or, you could skip that all by having your driver drive you directly to the tarmac.

Some places even have luxury lounges where you can relax in as you wait for your friends.

Travel Via Private Jet

Yu Lounge in St. Kitts. Photo courtesy Yu Lounge

2. Flexibility

When you fly on a commercial airline, you’re at the company’s mercy when it comes to meals, times, and what you can and cannot bring on the flight.

However, when you fly on a private jet, there is a lot more flexibility and personal decision involved.

Let’s start, for example, with everyone’s favorite thing—cuisine! Typically, airplane food isn’t known as the best food in the world. However, when you fly private, the menu is entirely up to you. That’s right, if you’re craving your favorite takeout, they can provide that for you.

The interior of the airplane is also something you get a say in, from the number of seats to the actual design style. You can check out for some design inspiration.

You also get flexibility when you land, as you can choose the arrival and departure terminal. So, if there’s a smaller airport closer to your home, you can choose that instead!

Last but not least, you have the flexibility of choosing a departure time that works for you. That’s right, if you don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn for your flight, you don’t have to.

Travel Via Private Jet

3. Great for Work

Private jets aren’t just great for leisure travel, they’re also great for business travel as well.

Most private jets offer free Wifi on board. Some even have phones and fax machines. And, best of all, private means your flight is also confidential. This means you can hold meetings if you want to, and when you need a break to stretch your legs, you can easily get up and walk around without disrupting other passengers.

4. No Lengthy Layovers

For many people, the absolute worst part of flying is the lengthy layovers that are so often involved. Even a layover for an hour or two can be completely draining for some.

Luckily, when you fly in a private jet, you don’t have to deal with this lengthy layovers at all. This means you can use all of your time efficiently and don’t have to spend any time sleeping and wandering around at an airport.

This is a sponsored article written for Wander With Wonder. We often provide paid content from sponsors we believe can offer great service to our readers. 

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