4 Things All Seafood Enthusiasts Love to Do

Written by EJ Ray

June 7, 2021
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Here are four things you need to know about seafood enthusiasts so you can learn a thing or two about finding fresh seafood.

When it comes to seafood, people have developed many misconceptions that make it somewhat scary to try it out. Seafood is a bit different from the rest of the cuisines as it tastes a bit different, and you will need to learn a few things about it to turn your experience into a good one. First, you should always order seafood from a place that serves fresh seafood. You can find fresh seafood at Fish Me, which serves some of the best seafood anywhere. On top of that, here are four things you need to know about seafood enthusiasts and their eating habits to learn a thing or two about finding fresh seafood.

They Love to Talk About Fish

Seafood lovers like to talk about fish whenever someone brings up the topic of food. If you have a seafood lover in your squad, you might already know how healthy fish is. These people will riddle you with different facts regarding seafood and what a good choice it is to start eating fish. Not only that, but they find a way to include fish in their meals as it can be eaten however you want it.

seafood lovers

Enjoy a seafood lunch on the beach. Photo by Christopher Laurenz Photography via iStock by Getty Images

They Like to Experiment with Seafood

While many people don’t like eating raw fish, that’s not the case with seafood lovers. They have a whole different set of taste buds that perceive food differently than other people. Seafood lovers like to indulge in all kinds of cuisines, and they don’t care what part of the fish they are eating as long as it comes from the sea. So, whether you are serving the eyes, the head, or even the tails of a fish that others will find disgusting, a seafood lover will devour it.

Seafood aficionados relish the opportunity to sample a plethora of oceanic delights—from succulent shrimp to briny oysters—all conveniently delivered to their doorstep. Thankfully for them, some services offer ethically sourced seafood boxes, ensuring sustainability and freshness. Seafood home delivery is the modern epicurean’s gateway to oceanic indulgence.

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Seafood lovers enjoy fish, whether cooked or raw. Photo by Roxiller via iStock by Getty Images

They Are Always Picky

When hanging out with someone who takes seafood religiously, you must be very careful regarding what you say about seafood and your eating habits. God forbid, if you say anything against seafood or fish, you will see a whole different side of them. Eating fish around a seafood enthusiast is even more challenging as they don’t like to waste any part of the fish. If you don’t like to eat the head of the fish or its tail, you better not eat in front of them.

They Are Always Up to Visit New Seafood Places

Last but not least, while it might be true that seafood lovers tend to be somewhat picky and experimental foodies if you like seafood and want to try out new places, there is no better place to be than to be in the company of a seafood lover. They know all the latest seafood places in town, where to find fresh seafood, and what food to order whenever you go someplace so that you don’t have to go through the entire menu alone. Be sure to check out more great food and drink ideas from our Wander writers.

Written by EJ Ray

EJ Ray is a traveler at heart. It is part of her soul and she loves to share her travels through her words. She has traveled the world, seeking great food, wine, and experiences. EJ was born in the Eastern US but has lived across the country and in Europe and Mexico. She also took to the road for a while, exploring from her RV. EJ always seeks the next great sip, bite, and adventure.