The month of July is usually when Phoenix, Arizona sees a mass exodus of its residents to nearby San Diego, due to the 100 plus degree days, and sometimes nights. This particular Phoenician has been making the trip with my family for the last 30 or so years, and for the last 3 or 4, I always look forward to stopping at Better Buzz Coffee's Mission Beach location. I love cold brewed coffee and their nitro cold brew is in my top 5 all time. Also, the rest of their drinks are just as good, if not better.

Better Buzz

Better Buzz nitro cold brew and coffee are sure to keep you going all day! Photo by: Lauren Sublett-Fromm

Better Buzz prides itself on being local, organic, sustainable, and too stinking cute to pass up. With multiple nitro cold brew taps, pour over service, a side bar for the purists, delicious breakfast options including a variety of avocado toasts, and an open air construction so you never stop feeling the ocean breeze on your cheeks. They also offer a variety of locally roasted small batch whole coffee beans, which you can also order online here.

Better Buzz

The Side Bar at Better Buzz Coffee is for purists only. Photo by: Lauren Sublett-Fromm

As an incredibly popular spot, get there early, even though they open at 7am, the line is usually out the door by 7:15. If you're headed to San Diego this summer to beat the heat, check out one of Better Buzz's current 6 locations from Encinitas to Point Loma, because life at the beach is definitely better buzzed.

Better Buzz

The Ultimate Truth at Better Buzz. Photo by: Lindsay Finster

Wander with Wonder loves to explore local shops, restaurants and more! Be sure to stay tuned for more about local coffee shops around the world and across the street! You can read about other local coffee shops HERE.

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