On a recent stay at The Towers at Pacifica in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I experienced one of the popular adventures the resort offers to guests. It was a perfect sunny day to spend on the beautiful blue-green sea and our sleek white Cabo Adventures sailing yacht was waiting.

While some of the golfers in our party had seen Humpback Whales at a distance from the Quivira Golf Course, we were told it wasn’t quite whale season yet so we were to spend the time exploring the famous rock formations at Lands End and following the Pacific Ocean shoreline getting a great look at the cliff-side resorts.

Quivira Golf Course

Quivira Golf Course – Award-winning cliff-side course is also a place for whale watching. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

Motoring to Lands End

We arrived at the Marina at Cabo San Lucas, boarded the beautiful 55-foot Beneteau sailboat and were welcomed with mimosas. After a safety briefing, we jockeyed for position on the hull and seating areas.


We boarded our luxury sailing vessel and were greeted with mimosas. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

We motored through the Marina enjoying views of yachts and the quaint traditional glass bottom boats. As we headed out into the open harbor, an air of excitement ensued. Although we had an on-board photographer to document our adventure, cameras were clicking away and selfies were taken against the brilliant blue sky and beach lined with colorful resorts.

Dive boats, fishing boats, glass bottom boats and jet skis joined us in motoring to the rock formations just off shore.

We were able to get rather close to the rock formations, Los Arcos and the small beaches that attracted kayakers and stand up paddle boarders. The small flotilla of dive and sightseeing boats added color to the scene. As we reached the last rock formation we enjoyed watching vociferous sea lions basking on the rocks.

Los Arcos

Small boats bobbed around the rock formations at Los Arcos. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose


A pelican heads out to sea. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

Setting Sail in the Pacific

After thoroughly enjoying the rocks at Lands End, we headed out to the Pacific looking for some wind so the sails could be unfurled. Meanwhile, guests lounged on the hull of the sailboat and enjoyed cocktails appearing magically from the galley.


Warm sun, cocktails and smooth seas. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

There was a bit of wind so the sails were set and we were finally sailing on the fairly calm Pacific Ocean. Another round of cocktails was offered and it was time for a freshly made box lunch of salads, rolls and, of course, guacamole and chips.


The box lunch of salads and, my favorite… guacamole. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

As we sailed we passed resorts perched on the cliff-tops… colorful shades of pinks and browns. Large homes seemed to reach out over the ocean. What views they must have!


The luxury homes and resorts were perched on the oceanside cliffs. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

After several hours it was time to return to the Marina. Accompanied by a fleet of returning fishing vessels, we motored back. The area was bustling with activity. Several parasailers bounced into the air, flying high over the water.

As we turned in to the Marina, we spied a large sea lion pulling himself up on the fantail of a moving fishing boat… begging for leftover fish parts. This gutsy guy kept us amused.

Treats for the Seal

On the way back to the marina, the sea lion jumps on the fantail of the boat to reach the treats. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

We disembarked and found that the on-board photographs would be ready soon… a fitting remembrance of a morning on the water.

Whale Watching Ideas

Although we missed the whales on this trip, whale watching is a major draw for tourists to the Los Cabos area.

Around nine species of whales visit Baja California Sur every year, they return to their place of birth, to bring their own calves into this world, the season regularly runs from November to late February. But, in reality, the season begins when the whales decide to get there. The Visit Los Cabos website has a listing of companies that will take you whale watching.

December through March, Cabo Adventures offers an exciting Whale Watching Photo Safari. Guests are accompanied by a marine mammal expert and go out on all weather inflatable speed boats. Trip Advisor rates them at #2.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most popular seasonal activities drawing tourists to Los Cabos. Photo courtesy: Whale Watch Cabo

The Trip Advisor #1 company for non-invasive (small boat) and dedicated whale watching is Whale Watch Cabo. They focus on bringing guests to where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. In season, you’ll see Humpback Whales and Gray Whales in their mating grounds close to their protected birthing bays. They also regularly encounter Bottlenose Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, many species of Sea Birds, and a diverse variety of marine animals calling Cabo San Lucas, Mexico home. You’ll see current sightings on their Facebook page.

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This experience was part of a media tour hosted by Quivira and Pueblo Bonito Resorts. While this has not influenced this content, the writer believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.



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