Antique and vintage stores are always fun to explore. In Portland, Oregon, you might find yourself in some unusual places in search of that elusive bit of memorabilia for your home. Join me as I share some of my favorite places in Portland for antique shopping!

Hippo Hardware and Trading Company

The pillars with toga-bedecked hippos are a Portland landmark. Located in a huge 30,000 square foot historic building, Hippo Hardware is fun to wander. They have divided their treasures into four departments:  Hardware, Lighting, Plumbing, and Architecture.  But you never know what you will discover there.

Hippo Hardware

Treasures can be found in an old part of Portland. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

Have a love for old keys or need a few funky doorknobs for a craft project? Hippo Hardware has a eclectic  variety from the 1860’s to the 1960’s. Personally, I was drawn to their lamps and lighting fixtures. While I reminisced about my childhood and that blush pink light fixture over my bed, I found lamps that would spice up any décor… vintage or not.

Hippo Hardware

Doors, door hardware, glass knobs, keys and more await you. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose


A beautiful lamp base. Yet another find at Hippo. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

If you are looking to find something eclectic, nostalgic or just an interesting piece for your home shopping a place like Hippo Hardware is fun. They are truly a local “fixture,” and support many Portland charities. They are located at: 1040 East Burnside.

Old Portland Hardware and Architecture

Old Portland Hardware, now with a new Portland area location, is a step up from the salvage atmosphere of Hippo Hardware and you will find a greater variety of antiques and collectibles. While Old Portland Hardware also features architectural goodies such as lamps and bathtubs, you’ll be surprised as you explore their holdings.

Portland Showroom

Furniture, lighting, signs and so much more. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

One day I encountered a skeleton, taxidermy specimens and even an old operating table at Old Portland Hardware. There were old posters, an antique microscope and furniture to divert my attention, too. The owners are known to “geek out” on cool pieces from across the United States. Their quirky sense of style is reflected in their offerings.

Antique Microscope

Antique Microscope under a Bell Jar. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

Old Portland Hardware and Architectural has a showroom with 14,000 square feet of antique lighting, vintage hardware, stained glass windows, and a thousand other unusual finds from Portland and across the country.  They are located at: 1667 SE Tacoma St. which is in the Sellwood Neighborhood known for smaller traditional antique shops.

Monticello Antique Marketplace

Located in the old Montevilla neighborhood of Portland, you’ll find a large antique mall, Monticello Antique Marketplace. This is not your typical antique mall. It is a beautifully arranged brightly lighted showplace with antiques from around the world, vintage finds and a room for outdoor décor.

Antique Typewriter

Each booth has finds to add to your collection. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

And, there is even a café and bar in the marketplace. You can explore, shop and then take a break to sit down for coffee or a glass of wine, soup and sandwich and a piece of pie at Monti’s.

Monti's Cafe

A cafe right in the antique mall. Shop, relax and spend the day. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

I went there with my women’s photography group just because it was such a beautifully arranged showplace with both traditional vintage items and the obscure, funky pieces. I was taken with the large garden display area where there were trellises, statuary and garden art old and new. Want galvanized metal nesting boxes for your chickens, real or artistic? Well, they had them!

Nesting Box

The ceramic chicken is enjoying the nesting box. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

There were old books, vintage dishes, paintings, furniture and so much more. It was fun to explore the different rooms and see what the over 100 vendors brought in to delight us.

Monticello Antique Marketplace has holiday events and displays. They are located at: 8600 SE Stark St.

Old Things

Explore the many Portland antique stores. Photo by: Elizabeth R Rose

Portland is full of creative people and creative people love the interesting and obscure. So it’s a great place to go antique shopping any time of the year!

Wander Wisely

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