I had always wondered about the allure of Africa, not quite sure if I would find the wilderness appealing. On a recent visit to Zambia, I discovered a land and people that felt comfortable and welcoming. I now understand why people find the continent so magical.

In an environment that can be harsh, I discovered the most incredible tenderness — from the tiny blooms on trees to baby animals to birds barely bigger than my hand. I also felt the power of a magnificent land — a land of vast plains, massive baobab trees, lions and leopards with muscles quivering as they breathe, elephants that make the ground shake when they walk and a river that stretches as far as one can imagine.

For me, my trip to Zambia was mostly about freedom. It was a sense of individual freedom as I rode in the back of a Land Cruiser, air blowing through my hair. I felt that sense of freedom watching animals running unfettered across the land. I sensed the excitement of freedom for a people still in the infancy of their country. It was a rare experience and in many ways a raw experience to feel nature.

I was lucky enough to visit several areas of Zambia and want to share a few scenes. I visited two Norman Carr Safari camps in the South Luangwa National Park (Mchenja and Luwi), Stanley Safari Lodge overlooking Victoria Falls in Livingstone and Chiawa Camp in the Lower Zambezi National Park. Enjoy the view.

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