One of the best parts of my job traveling the world is finding really “cool stuff” along the way. I originally wrote this article back in 2012 and decided to check out these products and see which ones of them are still on the market. Here is the update on some of these favorite travel products and how they have withstood the test of time.

Perhaps the most fun and innovative find is the set of Josh Guyot Squishy Bowls. The collapsible bowls are perfect for traveling. You can get little shot-size bowls, a medium all-purpose bowl, or a cup and bowl set for. They’re ideal for traveling with kiddos or Fido—or if you want to always be able to pick up something at the local Farmer’s Market and eat it in your hotel room.

favorite travel products

Guyot Squishy Bowls. Photo courtesy Guyot

I love bath products, so I’m always looking for great soaps and lotions. Napa Soap Company makes great bar soap. They’re all 100% natural and come in such great “flavors” such as Cabernet Soapignon, Honey Please Pass the Soap, Ocean Potion and Cocoa-Loco. Check them out online at In the time since I first discovered Napa Soap Company, I also discovered Olive Oil soap made in Arizona from Olivespa that’s pretty incredible.

favorite travel products

Cabernet Soapignon by Napa Soap Company. Photo courtesy Napa Soap

Some of my all-time favorite products are by Acca Kappa. This Italian company offers everything from body and hair care products to brushes and accessories. Two favorites of mine are the White Moss body lotion and the Lip Balm with SPF15 protection. The body lotion is available in convenient travel sizes. The smell and texture of both are pure luxuries. In addition to being able to purchase them online, there is an Acca Kappa Boutique in Las Vegas (at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian). You can also find the products at many fine hotel boutiques and spas. Check out the complete line online at

favorite travel products

Acca Kappa White Moss Lotion in a travel size. Photo courtesy Acca Kappa

Speaking of soaps, check out Cali Soaps. The Oliva products, all based on old recipes using Italian Olive Oil recipes with olive oil extracts, are wonderful. The soap is full of vitamins and smells almost good enough to eat. They offer a full line of products that are deeply moisturizing. You can see the full line at

favorite travel products

Oliva Green Sapone in Classic Oliva Fragrance. Photo courtesy Calí Cosmetics


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