Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona is often called the most romantic hotel in Arizona. It definitely lived up to the reputation when I paid a visit.

Alvadora Spa Suite Royal Palms

Alvadora Spa Suite at Royal Palms. Photo courtesy Royal Palms Resort and Spa

During my stay, I was fortunate to enjoy an Alvadora Spa Terrace suite. This tranquil room had dark wood, with white and sage accents. There was a fireplace in the front room, where a day bed was draped in wispy white curtains. The bedroom's king bed was delightfully soft and inviting. It's another mattress I wouldn't mind calling my own. The balcony door opened onto a gorgeous view — Camelback Mountain was stark against a bright blue sky the day I visited and down below was the courtyard with a fountain was a perfect spot for reminiscing or enjoying the Arizona sun. The bathroom sat between the bedroom and sitting room, with a big soaking tub taking center stage. I enjoyed a nice leisurely soak before bed.

As with so many great properties, the staff makes all the difference between a good stay and a great stay. At Royal Palms, the staff makes this an extraordinary place. I felt important from the moment I stepped onto the property.

Aqua Dolce at Royal Palms

Aqua Dolce at Royal Palms. Photo courtesy Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Dinner at the award-winning restaurant T. Cook's was a delight. How could it go wrong when you have a Director of Romance at your disposal? Yes, the resort has a Director of Romance. Robert Vickrey is charming and eloquent. He worked hard to make my evening at the resort unforgettable. Even my husband was impressed. The director can tailor a visit to include anything the couple wants to experience — from outside dining, to arranging intimate dinner in the Bell Tower, or setting up private massages, to creating entire custom vacations down to every orchestrated detail — perhaps even a private fireworks display. An eloquent meal with champagne, rose petals, and specially-selected dishes was quite romantic for me.

I can't wait to visit Royal Palms Resort and Spa again. This time I hope to stay longer than overnight so I have time to sleep a little longer in that bed. I want to wander the beautiful grounds and swim in the pool. I want to eat more of Chef Hillson's Carbonara with it's luscious prosciutto, pancetta, and egg yolk. I want another spa treatment in the beautiful Acqua Dolce room with its private bath made for two.

Royal Palms Resort and Spa was a wonderfully romantic experience and definitely one of my top hotel room choices.

Royal Palms courtyard

Courtyard at Royal Palms. Photo courtesy Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Royal Palms Resort and Spa
5200 E. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018

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