I found my one perfect bite at Wolfgang Puck's Spago Las Vegas. I recently enjoyed, as a special guest of the restaurant, a tasting menu at Spago. The entire meal was out of this world. The Executive Chef, Eric Klein, introduced himself to me at the beginning and told me he would create a great meal for me. That he did.

It was all delightful, but I'll forever remember that one magical bite. You know the one. You take a bite and you know you've never eaten anything so good your entire life — maybe never will again. You savor it. My perfect bite was hand-rolled, homemade ricotta gnocchi served in a black truffle butter sauce.

I had six little gnocchi sitting in this butter sauce on my plate. Each one was like a soft little pillow, coated in that toasty, earthy flavor of the black truffles. I stared down at the last one remaining on the plate. I wanted it, but I wanted to linger over it. My husband made it worse when he pointed out that the chef made them just that night. They aren't on the regular menu. Chef Klein loves to cook specials – it's one of his signatures – and this was one of those.

I took a deep breath, reveling in the smell of the truffles, the ricotta, the butter. I forked it, rolled it in the butter, popped it in my mouth. I closed my eyes. With each bite, I felt the wonderful ambiance of the restaurant, tasted the flavors in my mouth, felt the chef's soul in the tender bite. I smiled, knowing my husband sat across from me, relaxed my shoulders, thinking of a great day, and downed the last of my very favorite food of all time.

One bite. One simple bite, but so many pleasures. Even if I can't get the recipe from Chef Klein or someday have him replicate that morsel for me, it will remain forever in my heart, changing my palate slightly, refining it a bit, thrilling my senses every time I think about that meal at Wolfgang Puck's Spago Las Vegas.

For your own special bite, visit Wolfgang Puck's Spago at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace on Las Vegas Boulevard. Call 702-369-6300 or visit online at http://www.wolfgangpuck.com.

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