Volunteer Tourism: 6 Great Opportunities for Students

Written by Phil Collins

April 9, 2023
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Did you know that you can merge your vacation with philanthropy? In this article, you will find six great volunteer tourism opportunities for students by Phil Collins of EssayService that you can use for your next vacation.

Since we have food on our plates, roofs over our heads, and means to live a fulfilling life, most of us are privileged in this sense. But when you look around the world, you realize there are people living below the minimum resources required to lead a healthy, happy, and progressive life. So, why not spare some time and give back to humanity?

Student volunteer programs give students a real-time opportunity to travel to distant locations, help the community, earn social skills, and explore places like the locals. Besides, such philanthropist tourism weighs up your profile for future job applications. So, if you want to make the most of your holidays, look up some available programs and set out on a journey of making a social impact.

Here’re six great opportunities for students who want to opt for volunteer tourism in 2023-24. Know that you can look for a paper writing service and a research paper writing service for the best price to manage assignments while you research your options.

6 Volunteer Tourism Opportunities for Students

If you are new to the concept of volunteer tourism, you should realize some programs are free of cost, while some organizations offering volunteer opportunities charge a fee. They usually compensate for this fee by offering accommodation, meals, and commuting during your stay. Also, most of the funds raised from volunteers go back to the welfare of the community.

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volunteer tourism

Volunteer tourism is a great way for students to experience the world. Photo by Kar-Tr via iStock by Getty Images

UN Volunteers

The United Nations Volunteers program allows students to travel abroad and volunteer for different causes spread across 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The organization resolves to curb hunger, poverty, poor education, gender inequality, and more.

The volunteers in this program learn different cultures and languages and gain various professional and life experiences through their deployment in one of the many countries where the organization supports initiatives. The tour is not free of cost. However, you can save some bucks on essay writing services by using the EssayHub Promo Code.

Habitat for Humanity Volunteers

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that helps local communities in many countries build homes. It also has a special volunteer program for youth where students from schools and colleges come and participate in this global housing mission.

You can choose an ongoing or scheduled program in any listed country. The organization currently has several opportunities in Asia-Pacific regions where you can serve the community and spend the rest of your time exploring the area.

Homestay Tutoring Programme in France

France is a dream destination for many travelers. What else would be the best way to spend your gap year than living in France on a budget and tutoring kids? This homestay tutoring program by the Aliore organization allows you to experience the rich culture, lifestyle, and language of France while staying with a host family and helping them learn English during your stay.

Apart from Aliore, many other organizations conduct such volunteer programs in France, especially for native English speakers.

volunteer tourism

Teaching English while living in France is a great way to see the country. Photo by SeventyFour via iStock by Getty Images

International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is one of the world’s most reliable and beloved volunteer organizations offering travel programs abroad for students and professionals. IVHQ opportunities are available in over 50 countries, where you can enjoy your humanitarian excursion for as little as $20 per day in exchange for your accommodation, meals, and 24/7 support. The organization conducts volunteer programs throughout the year for durations ranging from one to 24 weeks.

Volunteer Abroad With GVI

Global Vision International is an organization that creates volunteer opportunities for individuals who wish to incorporate adventure with a purpose. The organization has several volunteer abroad programs in diverse categories. You can choose to participate in community projects or eco-projects, depending on your interests. The nature conservation projects span five continents—Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australasia. Their other projects cover more than a dozen countries.

Peace Corps Volunteers

The Peace Corps has designed a program to provide unique opportunities to students where they can contribute to an altruistic project along with their academics. The organization operates in more than 60 countries. You are required to live and work on local projects, for which you get a stipend and other support from the organization.

The Peace Corps conducts volunteer programs in many sectors, including agriculture, education, healthcare, and the environment. It also reviews and matches skill sets to assign you projects, just as the best paper writing services do to ensure delivering the best assignments.

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Final Thoughts about Volunteer Tourism

Try to turn your vacation into a volunteering trip to make the most of your holidays and attach a purpose to it. These volunteer tourism programs not only level up your curriculum vitae but also feel rewarding in many ways. You can also ask your classmates to join you on the trip to create incredible memories and unforgettable overseas experiences. Don’t forget to research the above-mentioned programs before finalizing your tour destination. Looking for some destination inspiration? We invite you to let Wander With Wonder be your inspiration for the most amazing destinations around the world or across the street. We also welcome you to check out more great articles about student travel.

Student volunteer programs allow students to travel to distant locations, help the community, earn social skills, and explore places like the locals. In this article, you will find six great volunteer tourism opportunities for students you can use for your next vacation.


Volunteer Tourism: 6 Great Opportunities for Students

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