The Geneseo Inn, a Luxury Inn in Paso Robles

Written by Kathy Condon

November 15, 2022
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A luxury stay at The Geneseo Inn in Paso Robles puts you in the middle of Cass Winery, surrounded by vineyards. Discover every luxury in this tranquil setting.

It had been a busy week exploring the Paso Robles, California, wine country. It was going to be my last night, and there were two things I wanted to do before I headed back to Palm Springs, California. I wanted to have dinner at The Hatch, one of the locals’ favorite restaurants downtown Paso Robles and then end the evening at Sensorio Field of Light by Bruce Munro. I checked in with the company that had invited me on this trip, and they said they would find a place to host me for my last evening. A text arrived a couple of hours later with the address of the Geneseo Inn.

The Geneseo Inn sits in the center of a vineyard.

Paso Robles Wine Country. Photo by Kathy Condon

Journey to the Geneseo Inn

Since I had plans later that evening, I knew it was important to check into the Geneseo Inn. I didn’t realize the Inn was in the middle of the Cass Winery. I wasn’t convinced Google Maps was taking me to the Inn. It seemed like I was driving miles around curves deeper and deeper into wine country.

At last, the deep voice of Google Maps said you have arrived. Huh? I was going through the gates of a winery. Confused but believing I must be in the right place, I followed a gravel road embraced by vines on both sides.

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I kept driving, and out of nowhere was one of the most unusual sights I had ever experienced. Juxtaposed buildings, painted with tastefully muted colors, stood before me.

The Geneseo Inn.

The Geneseo Inn Exterior. Photo by Kathy Condon

Check-In Process at the Geneseo Inn

I parked the car in the designated spot and walked to what looked like the reception area. The expansive deck with a view overlooking the vineyard had comfortable-looking chairs placed strategically, providing an entertainment space for guests to mingle.

They were expecting me, and a delightful woman bounced out of her office with a huge smile. She escorted me to a chair, and soon I was holding a glass of one of their superb wines. The office assistant handed me a slip of paper. I smiled, for the slip indicated I was to choose what time I wanted breakfast brought to my room. There were about three different amazing offerings for breakfast. Seriously, who wouldn’t like crab benedict topped with a duck egg?

Dec at the Geneseo Inn.

The deck at Register at Geneseo Inn. Photo by Kathy Condon

Escorted to My Room at the Geneseo Inn

Eight freight container crates comprise the Geneseo Inn. The decision was made to cut each container in half using the architect’s design. Then a narrow structure was built and raised above the top of the container and inserted between the two halves. This provided space for a skylight. Once the three pieces were permanently connected, they became magnificent rooms.

Geneseo Inn Bedroom Photo by Kathy Condon

Room at Geneseo Inn. Photo by Kathy Condon

My room was the “Country Room.” John Denver’s Country Roads was playing on Alexa as we walked in. Opposite the door, a full view of the surrounding vineyard stretched out before me through the immense window.

The space consisted of a bathroom with a roomy shower, bar area, refrigerator, and fabulous deck. I got no sense that I was inside a container. In fact, between the central insert and the window, the thought occurred to me I could stay here forever. Now it was time to be off to dinner.

Dinner at the Hatch

My daughter and I stumbled across The Hatch restaurant on a visit in late 2021. I still remember how much I loved the crafted Old-Fashioned, and she had been more than thrilled with her drink. We raved about the side dish of mushrooms and the woodfired roast chicken that fell off the bones, and it was all served on a wooden-like paddle board. Let me confirm that the repeat visit was as good as the first time, with the bonus of meeting a delightful couple from Napa, California, who were on holiday.

An Old-Fashioned at The Hatch.

The Hatch Restaurant Mushroom Side Dish and Old-Fashioned. Photo by Kathy Condon

Sensoria Continues to Delight Visitors

This was my second visit to Sensorio Field of Light. This time I went with a VIP pass. The oak trees scattered on the top of the nearby hills let the setting sun’s light filter through their branches, creating a mysterious, stunning backdrop as the light installations became brighter and brighter. Sitting at a table overlooking the field and having a glass of wine on a beautiful California evening was relaxing.

Sensorio Light Show at Sunset.

Sensorio Light Show at Sunset. Photo by Kathy Condon

Arrival Back at Geneseo Inn

It was getting late when I arrived back at the Inn. The well-lit covered parking space and stairs led up to my quiet room. I smiled when I looked through the glass door of the refrigerator. I told the manager I liked viognier. She opened a bottle, especially for me when we were chatting earlier in the day, and then graciously placed the opened bottle in my refrigerator. The viognier made the perfect nightcap. This gesture was another lovely example of the exceptional customer service I experienced throughout my stay.

A New Day Begins

I awakened slowly in the morning and turned over to witness an outstanding view of the vineyards. Stretched out in front of me were acres of vines laden with grapes basking in the sun’s rays. The luxurious linens, various pillow choices, and the coffee I made provided the perfect cozy environment to check my email and send out social media about this special place.

Breakfast was Delivered to My Room

There was a knock at the door and a breakfast tray before me. I knew precisely where I wanted breakfast on my private deck. The silence was noticeable as I unfolded my napkin. Seriously? Was this a beaker full of fresh pomegranate juice? As I savored the moment, I sipped on what some might call liquid gold. One bite of the crab benedict supported the rumor that their breakfasts are legendary. The crab was piled high, and the sauce was superb.

Breakfast on Deck at Geneseo Inn.

Breakfast on Deck at Geneseo Inn. Photo by Kathy Condon

Time for a Tour

My time in the Paso Robles area was coming to a close, and I needed to pack. As I walked out and closed the door behind me, I could not help but think of how I was looking forward to talking to my daughter and son-in-law about this unique Inn and how excited I was to write a story about it to share with the world.

Chanda, the Marketing and Business Development Manager, was filled with pride as she stood and told me about the planned area for the pool, the addition of more rooms, and expanding their corporate offers for retreat offerings. After a short walk, I arrived at the Cass Winery Building, which serves as a wine-making warehouse. It is also an event center, and it was more than impressive.

Tasting Room at the Cass Winery

Tasting Room at the Cass Winery. Photo by Kathy Condon

Lunchtime was approaching, and the patio was filling with visitors coming to enjoy wine and choose from the menu of farm-fresh produce. The chef’s garden, where he delights in growing fresh and unusual herbs, was just a short walk away.

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Time to Leave the Geneseo Inn

As I drove out of the parking lot and wound down the previously mysterious road, I had time to glance over the land. I had just experienced what at one time was someone’s dream. Now it has become a reality. The creativity of humans is astounding, and this experience reminded me of how we should support other people’s dreams. Let Wander With Wonder be your guide when planning a trip to Paso Robles, greater California, or the Pacific Northwest.

A luxury stay at The Geneseo Inn in Paso Robles puts you in the middle of Cass Winery, surrounded by vineyards. Discover every luxury in this tranquil setting.


The Geneseo Inn, a Luxury Inn in Paso Robles

Written by Kathy Condon

Journalist and travel writer with immense curiosity that has taken her to 29 countries, 16 islands, and 49 states (Alaska on the bucket list). Her motto: Let me help tell your destination's story to the people throughout the world. She is the author of two books: Face-to-Face Networking: It's All About Communication and It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It's All About Communication, which was named Best Book Finalist by USA Book News.

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