Online Shopping

Wander Around the World or Across the Street™

As food, wine, and travel experts, the Wander writers often come across the best products from around the world. These are some of the products we suggest you can purchase to help make travel better—and to create a lifestyle exactly the way you want it. Enjoy our suggestions for the best online shopping.

Gourmet Foods & Wines

Wander With Wonder team uncovers incredible foods and wines during our travels. We are fortunate that some of our favorite finds are available online. Here are our favorites.

Home Again

We explore the best lifestyle products that can help you create your perfect space for living, for working, for entertaining. Here are our suggestions for the best lifestyle shopping.

Travel Bags & Backpacks

Great travel bags and backpacks are essential when you are on the road. Your luggage needs to be reliable, packable, and lightweight but sturdy. Here are a few of our favorites.

Travel Clothing & Shoes

Finding just the right travel clothing is important when you travel. Here are some of our all-time favorite travel clothing and travel shoes that we never leave home without.

Travel Deals

We all love to travel and we all want to find the best deals from the most reliable sources. You can book hotels, vacations, flights, and tours from the suggested vendors.

Travel Essentials & Gadgets

We all have those things we can't leave home without when we travel. The Wander team suggests these great places to shop for those travel essentials and must-have travel gadgets.

Books, Guides & Journals

Wander writers have a few favorite guidebooks and recipe books we recommend. There is nothing quite like writing in a journal to detail your travels—or to plan your next adventure.

Travel Insurance

The Wander With Wonder team recommends that you purchase trip insurance before you travel. While it doesn't protect you from everything, it does offer some peace of mind for your travels.

Travel Snacks

We at Wander With Wonder love to keep some sweet and savory travel snacks on hand for those travel emergencies. Here are a few of our favorite travel snacks.