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SanTan Brewing launches canned craft beer vault series

Named after the Valley National Bank’s iconic vault, which still remains, safety deposit boxes and all, at SanTan Brewing Company’s downtown Chandler brewpub, a series of aged craft beers in 16 oz cans will be available this fall. Founder and brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia plans to brew this series in small batches with limited release and higher ABVs. ... Read More...

Dos Cabezas Wineworks, SanTan Brewing set to launch two limited edition Saison Beer-Wines

Anthony Canecchia, SanTan Brewing founder and brewmaster collaborated with Dos Cabezas head vintner, Todd Bostock to develop a fresh beer flavor based on a traditional saison, called Saison Di Aleatico. Using the base reserved from their original collaboration, SanTan Brewing will introduce two new oak aged specialty hybrid brews.... Read More...

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