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Texas Musicians Museum and Music Garden to open in downtown Irving

The Texas Musicians Museum and its adjacent Music Garden open their doors in historic downtown Irving on Saturday, July 25, 2015. The much anticipated new addition to Irving’s thriving arts, entertainment and tourism scene offers an up- close and personal encounter with memorabilia from hundreds of music icons hailing from the Lone Star State.... Read More...

Glorious Gardens: Wander 3 Southern California Natural Hotspots

No matter the season, botanical gardens enable us to experience the world within a few beautifully maintained acres. From desert succulents to tropical plants and towering trees, these beauties are dedicated to preserving the rare and endangered as well as bringing other parts of the world right to the United States. If you are planning a trip to Palm Springs or Southern California, these botanical gardens are destinations worth discovering.... Read More...

5 Western Gardens That Wow

From roses to cacti, these outdoor wonderlands showcase natural beauty all year long. Botanical gardens across the Western United States offer amazing opportunities for visitors to explore the world around them, experiencing everything from native plants to exotic foliage. these gardens vary from desert landscapes filled with cacti and succulents to hothouses brimming with exotic orchids to rugged seaside cliff walks. Some gardens also house animals, birds, children's activities, petting zoos, carousels, miniature trains, art and antiquities.... Read More...

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