Lodge Kohler: Luxurious Relaxation in Green Bay

Written by Stacy Brooks

June 19, 2023
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Head to Green Bay, WI, for a spa weekend! Sure, it has football, but staying at Lodge Kohler is an ideal escape to relax and unwind. 

Most people go to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a weekend of football. My husband Mike and I went to Green Bay for the spa at Lodge Kohler.

Lodge Kohler is in the shadow of Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, and the hotel combines upscale amenities with a hefty dose of admiration for the home team. The location makes the Green Bay Lodge especially appealing to football fans. But we weren’t there for a game: Lodge Kohler is an ideal destination for couples who want to share a relaxing day at the spa.

The Kohler Name

Wondering why the name “Kohler” sounds familiar? The company is well-known for manufacturing faucets, showers, and other bathroom and kitchen fixtures. We spotted their products in our hotel bathroom and at the Kohler Waters Spa. However, the company has also distinguished itself in the hospitality space. Kohler operates the Green Bay Lodge and other properties like the American Club at Destination Kohler.

Lodge Kohler exterior

Lodge Kohler. Photo courtesy of Kohler

Game Day is Year Round at Titletown

We first saw Lodge Kohler’s modern brick facade as we explored Green Bay’s Titletown development. The area includes Lodge Kohler, public green spaces, restaurants, a craft brewery, and a virtual golf experience. Packers fans will appreciate the home team’s influence, including giant replicas of the Packers’ four Super Bowl Rings. Even though I’m not much of a football fan, it was still fun to stand inside a giant ring to pose for a photo.

Lodge Kohler Giant replica Super Bowl rings at Titletown.

Replica Packers Super Bowl Rings at Titletown. Photo by Stacy Brooks

There are plenty of opportunities for free outdoor recreation at Titletown, including a full-sized football field where we watched some kids playing an enthusiastic pickup game. We also tried out shuffleboard, horseshoes, and ping pong. Fire pits scattered throughout provided some welcome warmth on a chilly spring evening, and in the winter, Titletown offers ice skating and tubing down a snowy, man-made hill.

Lodge Kohler Pairs Luxury with Hometown Spirit

Once we finished exploring Titletown, it was time to check into our room at Lodge Kohler. Although Lambeau Field is just across the street, the Green Bay Lodge has an exclusive, luxurious atmosphere, with a doorman and a reception desk with attentive and gracious staffers. The decor throughout the lobby is inspired by the Packers’ green and yellow logo but is reinterpreted in rich, jewel tones, with forest green draperies and gold velvet armchairs. Larger-than-life photos of pivotal moments in Packers’ history frame an inviting two-sided modern fireplace.

Lodge Kohler lobby with gold velvet armchairs and a large black and white photo of football players.

Lodge Kohler lobby. Photo by Stacy Brooks

Beyond the front desk, an expansive seating area offers plenty of space to socialize, with chic sofas and elegant armchairs. Glass cases by a window overlooking Titletown display memorabilia from the Packers’ long and storied history. Founded in 1919, the team is the third-oldest franchise in the NFL.  It’s interesting to see how jerseys, protective equipment, and even the footballs have changed. You may even spot an item that belonged to your favorite player.

Packers Decor and Upscale Amenities at Lodge Kohler

Similar to the hotel’s public spaces, the Packers decor in our room was present but subtle. Gold curtains framed a view of Lambeau Field, and our king-sized bed was topped with forest green accent pillows. Artistic black-and-white photos of football players adorned the walls, and the bookshelf by the writing desk was stocked with books about Packers history.

Lodge Kohler hotel room with a king-sized bed and window with a view of Lambeau Field.

Hotel room at Lodge Kohler. Photo by Stacy Brooks

For me, the highlight was the shower, which was outfitted with three high-tech Kohler shower heads that offered a variety of settings, from a gentle mist to a reinvigorating rain-like sensation. A keypad let me select my precise water temperature. I preferred a steamy 110 degrees, and Mike liked a more measured 100 degrees. Other thoughtful touches included a well-illuminated makeup mirror and cozy robes and slippers.

Dinner at Taverne in the Sky

Lodge Kohler’s full-service restaurant, Taverne in the Sky, has fifth-floor views of Lambeau Field and Titletown. The menu features rotisserie cuisine and Wisconsin specialties. There’s a more casual bar area and a more upscale but approachable dining room where we were seated.

Taverne in the Sky dining room.

Taverne in the Sky dining room. Photo courtesy of Kohler

When in Wisconsin, start with cheese curds. Deep-fried cheese curds are a state specialty in venues everywhere, from dive bars to fine dining. At Taverne in the Sky, the lightly battered curds are served with a zesty chipotle ranch dip. Our appetizer whetted our appetites for the main course. Mike ordered the rotisserie-cooked prime rib, served with a popover, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes, horseradish cream, and black truffle butter. I tried the vegetable Napoleon, an inventive, flavorful vegetarian dish.  It included quinoa, polenta cakes, vegetables, a flavorful herbed goat cheese, and roasted cherry tomatoes.

As much as we appreciated our entrees, the dessert was even more delightful. I loved the Schaum torte, a classic Wisconsin dessert. It was made from crisp layers of meringue that alternated with Chantilly cream, topped with fresh strawberries and a generous drizzle of chocolate. The torte was both light and satisfying, a perfect ending to a special occasion-worthy meal. Mike tried the chocolate hazelnut mousse tart with a graham cracker crust and a rich chocolate filling. I was happy to help him finish it by taking a bite (and then another, and another).

Schaum torte at Taverne in the Sky.

Schaum torte at Taverne in the Sky at Lodge Kohler. Photo by Stacy Brooks

Breakfast at Leaps and Bounds Café

After a restful night of sleep, we enjoyed a casual breakfast at Leaps and Bounds Café, located in the hotel lobby. In addition to espresso drinks, the cafe offers a full breakfast menu with items such as croissant French toast and salmon cake eggs benedict. We opted for lighter fare: a delicious granola parfait topped with fresh berries and preserves for me and a bagel for Mike.

On warmer days, you can enjoy seating on the adjacent outdoor terrace. Later diners can savor a brunch menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and salads. In the evening, Leaps and Bounds Café serves local craft beer, wine, and tapas, including a board highlighting locally-made cheese.

Leaps and Bounds Cafe at Lodge Kohler seating area with communal table.

Leaps and Bounds Cafe at Lodge Kohler. Photo courtesy of Kohler

Relaxation and Rejuvenation at the Kohler Waters Spa

The highlight of our visit was our morning of spa treatments at the hotel’s Kohler Waters Spa. The front desk staffer assigned us each a locker stocked with a robe, rubber spa sandals, and towels to use during our time at the spa. The women’s locker room provided everything I could possibly need before and after my spa services, from makeup remover and hair ties to an elegant shower area with the spa’s signature scented shampoo and body wash.

The adjacent relaxation lounge set the tone for our spa visit, with lounge chairs, lush plants, and the soothing burbling of a waterfall fountain. A snack area was stocked with orange-strawberry infused water, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, almonds, and yogurt-covered raisins. Our fellow spa guests read books or laid back and relaxed before and after their spa appointments.

Kohler Waters relaxation lounge at Lodge Kohler with reclined chairs and plants.

Kohler Waters relaxation lounge at Lodge Kohler. Photo courtesy of Kohler

Chilling Out in the Kohler Waters Spa Thermal Suite

We continued to the thermal suite that featured a large hot tub, an 8-foot-deep cold plunge pool, a steam room, and a sauna. Like the relaxation lounge, there was fruit-infused water and ice-cold towels scented with eucalyptus. An elegant beige and blue color palette provided a luxurious, calming atmosphere.

Guests are encouraged to alternate between hot and cold to promote physical and mental relaxation. Initially, I was too hesitant to use the plunge pool, opting to cool off with a cold towel. Finally, after thoroughly warming myself up in the steam room, I worked up the nerve to completely immerse myself in the plunge pool. The key is to do it quickly so you don’t lose your nerve! It was unexpectedly exhilarating, so much so that I took another dip after some time in the sauna.

Thermal suite at Kohler Waters Spa at Lodge Kohler with a large hot tub.

Thermal suite at Kohler Waters Spa at Lodge Kohler. Photo courtesy of Kohler

Serene Spa Services at Lodge Kohler

The Kohler Waters spa offers standard spa services like massages and pedicures and unique hydrotherapy treatments featuring Kohler shower heads. I tried the lavender rain hydrotherapy treatment, which started with a fragrant lavender and eucalyptus exfoliating scrub. Then a row of six shower heads gently rained warm water onto me while I lay on a massage table. It was similar to unwinding in a hot shower but even more blissful since I didn’t have to stand up. The treatment finished with a facial massage and a hot stone foot massage. By the time I was wrapped in a heated robe at the end of the 50-minute treatment, I felt more relaxed than I had in years.

Plunge pool at Kohler Waters Spa.

Plunge pool in the thermal suite at Kohler Waters Spa. Photo courtesy of Kohler

I got to relax even further with a holistic facial. The therapist cleansed my skin and used a rose quartz stone roller to promote circulation. (I made a mental note to buy one to use at home to capture a bit of the spa experience.) She also used steam to open my pores and applied a variety of face masks, oils, and lotions to my skin. Afterward, my face glowed for days.

Meanwhile, Mike enjoyed an 80-minute woodsman massage. The therapist incorporated aromatherapy, warm and cool washcloths, and a cozy blanket to create a profound sense of calm.

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A Quick Trip

Although brief, our stay at Green Bay’s Lodge Kohler left us feeling pampered and rejuvenated.  We’re already scheming about a return visit. Maybe next time, we’ll even catch a football game. When planning your trip to Wisconsin, the Midwest, or to a fabulous spa, search Wander With Wonder for some exciting ideas.

Head to Green Bay, WI, for a spa weekend! Sure, it has football, but staying at Lodge Kohler is an ideal escape to relax and unwind. 


Lodge Kohler: Luxurious Relaxation in Green Bay

Written by Stacy Brooks

Stacy Brooks is a Minneapolis-based freelance journalist. She focuses on food and travel, and her writing has been published in Atlas Obscura, Midwest Living, Hemispheres, Insider, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.