Credit Card Options for Newcomers to the USA

Are you brand new to the United States? If you've recently made your move to the US, you might be wondering about some of the options for credit cards here. In the US, people rely on their credit cards to make big purchases that they can pay off in small increments. Others use credit cards to pay for pretty much everything because of the bonus points they offer.

Every country has its own financial companies and its own ways of doing things. In the US, one of the biggest and best credit card companies is American Express. They incentivize their loyal customers to continue to use their credit cards with the promise of some benefits you won’t be able to find with other credit cards or financial companies.

No matter where you immigrated to America from, if you meet the right requirements, chances are good that you can get approved for one of these credit cards that are loaded with benefits. So, what are some of the best American Express credit card options for immigrants to America?

Great American Express Credit Card Options For Immigrants

American Express is an international issuer of credit cards, meaning they will be more than happy to work with new American citizens to get them access to a line of credit, as well as all of the benefits that come with it. Some of the biggest online sources for financial and credit information, such as Nova Credit, also note that American Express is unique in that they are one of the very few issuers of credit cards who will allow you to apply for credit with an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) as opposed to the usual way of applying in the US, which involves using your SSN (Social Security Number).

Best American Express credit card options for immigrants to America

American Express offers many options for those new to the US. Photo by Alanyadk via Pixabay

If your credit score is sufficient and your credit history is good, the chances are high that you’ll get approved for one of these great cards that offer all sorts of benefits to newcomers to the US.

For some cards, you won’t even need to build a credit history locally in the US, because some of these credit cards can factor in your credit from your home country. Some of these American Express credit cards, and the great benefits they come with include:

Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card

The Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card has no annual fees and offers 3% cash back at several American supermarket chains. The good news for immigrants is, you can click on “I don’t have US credit history” when applying online for this card, and you may be considered for qualification by using your credit history from your home country, if you hail from Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, India, or Australia.

One of the downsides to this card is that it includes a 2.7% transaction fee if used in a foreign country.

Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card

Much loved for its rewards when used at American supermarkets, gas stations, and even subscription services like Hulu or Netflix, the Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card also allows you to use your credit history from your home country when applying. Canadians, Australians, Mexicans, Indians, and folks from the United Kingdom all can be considered for this credit card instead of having to build a credit history in the US.

Two important things you might want to consider before applying for this card is the aforementioned 2.7% transaction fee on foreign spending, as well as the card’s $95 annual fee.

Gold Credit Card

American Express’s Gold credit card grants membership points and rewards when spent at select supermarkets and even restaurants, so you won’t have to feel guilty about splurging on dinner! If you hail from any of the same countries mentioned in the previous options, you can qualify for this card without building a US credit history.

Best American Express credit card options for immigrants to America

The American Express Gold Card. Photo by Yannick McCabe-Costa via Pixabay

Unlike the previous two options, the American Express Gold card does not include any foreign transaction fees, but it does have a higher annual fee, at $250.

RoamRight travel insurance

American Express truly wants to offer its cards and benefits to anyone who qualifies from any of the countries mentioned in these options. If you are a newcomer to the United States and meet the requirements outlined above, then you could qualify for one of these cards and start taking advantage of their perks today.

Have you immigrated to the US and wondering about establishing credit? Here are some of the best American Express credit card options for immigrants.

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