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Blake Van Es: It’s all about the kids

Blake Van Es has, in a way, come full circle. She was born and raised in Phoenix, moved to San Diego for high school, and made her way back to Arizona for college, where she attended the University of Arizona. Little did she know, when she returned to San Diego after college to sell advertisements for a local radio station, that she would find the love of her life and eventually find her way home to Arizona.... Read More...

Inspired Design: Creating spaces with heart

When you walk in the door at the facility on North 91st Place in Chandler, you can usually hear the sounds of kids laughing and sometimes music filters out into the lobby and down the halls. You could be in any school in the Valley—except you'll soon notice that the kids (and adults) attending classes and workshops all have one unique characteristic—they're all visually impaired. Welcome to the East Valley campus of Foundation for Blind Children (FBC).... Read More...

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