Want to Fly Private? 4 Must-Know Tips for Private Flights

Written by EJ Ray

June 18, 2024
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Demand for private jets is stronger than ever. And you don’t have to own one to fly private. Here are 4 tips for private flights.

Demand for private jets is stronger than ever. More people opt for private jet charters for leisure and business travel, making aircraft availability even more limited as operators become more selective about their trips. Americans have been logging more miles in private jets within the US and now it is even more economical to book transatlantic private jet flights. Whether you’re planning to fly to Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, or London, here are 4 tips for private flights.

Get four easy tips on everything you need to know to fly private.

You Don’t Have to be Super Rich to Fly Private

Unlike what most people think, you don’t necessarily have to own a private jet to fly in one. Most people using private jet charter services are after the convenience that flying private flying offers. A private jet charter cost estimator will help you see that a round trip in a private jet can cost you as little as $6000. The average charter cost for light jets is usually $3000 per hour with a two-hour per day minimum.

This allows you to fly from Washington, D.C., to New York and back on the same day for around $6000. Although the prices are still higher than first-class airline tickets, you don’t have to be super-rich to enjoy the convenience of private jet travel—and when you split the cost between six or eight people flying together, it becomes much more economical than purchasing first-class commercial tickets.

You can also find cheaper private jet charter deals online if you do your research well. You can also take advantage of empty-leg flights offered by operators, which are much cheaper.

Private Jets are More Flexible than Commercial Flights

If bad weather in an area forces commercial flights to cancel or delay their flights, private jets don’t have to do so. With more flexible flight paths, schedules, and airport selections, private jets can change flight plans quickly and land at more airports than commercial aircraft. They can either wait out bad weather or opt for alternative airports.

For instance, if you’re flying the LAX-SFO flight path, you’re likely to face delays due to bad weather, which is common in the Bay area. With a private jet charter service, you can quickly change your flight plan and go to an airport in Oakland, which isn’t too far from downtown San Francisco than the SFO airport, with minimal delays.

Smoother Pre-Flight Arrangements

When you choose to charter a private jet for your family or employees, you can avoid the hassles of crowded airports, long delays in security checks, and productivity blackouts. Nearly half of private jet charter services are scheduled out of airports with no scheduled flight services or infrequent flights. This ensures smoother pre-flight arrangements.

Private Flights

Unlike commercial airlines that adjust flying schedules to meet their needs, private jet operators allow you to fly when you want. Private jet charter services are designed to make the flying experience more pleasant and personalized so you can reach your destination quickly.

Private Jets Provide Faster Trips

Private jets are tied to the same spoke networks and hubs commercial airlines use. So long as a private jet has enough fuel for your trip, you’ll go direct without stopping unless you want to. That saves a lot of valuable time. Private jets fly faster and typically fly higher than commercial flights. The extra flexibility lets the private jets capture better winds and avoid adverse weather.

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Tips for Private Flights

Private jet charter services offer extras like VIP check-in and other special services which reduce airport hassles. Touring by private jet is no longer a new way to travel as more people embrace the luxury service options operators provide. Up to 80% of people who use private jet charter services get hooked, so use these tips for private flights—and go ahead and fly private.

Written by EJ Ray

EJ Ray is a traveler at heart. It is part of her soul and she loves to share her travels through her words. She has traveled the world, seeking great food, wine, and experiences. EJ was born in the Eastern US but has lived across the country and in Europe and Mexico. She also took to the road for a while, exploring from her RV. EJ always seeks the next great sip, bite, and adventure.

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  1. Deb Pearl

    That is really nice that private jets have the ability to change flight plans at short notice and don’t have to cancel their flight plans with bad weather. I have been wanting to take a trip, but I don’t know what kind of flight to take. I might have to consider a private plane.


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