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In ancient Greece, it was commonplace for famous playwrights, politicians, and philosophers to make wine for their personal use. Today’s brightest stars are continuing the tradition of making their own wines as well as celebrity spirits, but for public consumption. This is especially the case after the introduction of Casamigos Tequila when everyone started talking about the George Clooney tequila. Here are a few favorite celebrity spirits that you can add to your own bar.

Ryan Reynolds Aviation American Gin

In 2018, Ryan Reynolds acquired a large stake in Oregon-based Aviation American Gin. Often referred to as Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin, it has a smooth, bold, and floral take on gin using botanicals such as lavender and Indian Sarsarilla versus excessive juniper.

Like Casamigos, Diageo purchased the brand earlier this year in a deal worth up to an estimated $600 million. Reynolds is still involved with the brand, making it a popular celebrity spirit.

Villa One Tequila

Back in 2018, Nick Jonas and John Varvatos took family and friends to Mexico for what was supposed to be a relaxing escape. The trip ended up being far more, inspiring the friends to develop their own tequila brand: Villa One Tequila.  Now on the market nationwide—in bottles Varvatos and Jonas designed to look like art pieces—Villa One uses artesian well water and sustainably sourced, 100% blue weber agave. The agave, matured up to seven years and sourced from both the Highland and Lowland regions, results in a truly unique taste profile for a celebrity spirit.

Nick Jonas Tequila Celebrity Spirits

Villa One Tequila created by Nick Jonas and John Varvatos with blue weber agave. Photo courtesy Villa One Tequila

2018 Greg Norman Estates Limestone Coast Shiraz

Norman is an icon when it comes to making the transition from celebrity to business mogul. A chief reason is his international wine brand. Among his many varietals, the 2018 Greg Norman Estates Limestone Coast Shiraz stands out. It is a full-bodied red with aromas of holiday spice on the nose and a jammy mouthfeel. We also love that though he has vineyard operations around the world, this particular varietal is special as it comes from his native Australia.

Greg Norman Estates Shiraz

2018 Greg Norman Estates Limestone Coast Shiraz is from Norman's native Australia. Photo courtesy Greg Norman

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

Founded in 2018 by MMA champion Conor McGregor, Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey is inspired by McGregor's love of Ireland, its people, and Irish whiskey. It is a blend of Ireland's finest golden grain and single malt whiskey, triple distilled and aged in oak barrels, resulting in a smooth taste with hints of vanilla, honey-like sweetness, and toasted wood. This is a premium celebrity spirit.

Conor McGregor Celebrity Spirits

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey by MMA Champion Conor McGregor. Photo courtesy Proper No. Twelve

Maison No. 9

Grammy winner Post Malone worked closely with award-winning winemaker Alexis Cornu, a star in his own right with seven 90-plus point rosés under his belt, for much of 2019 to develop Maison No. 9, which debuted in 2020. A blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Merlot, it is clean, dry, and crisp with ripe pineapple, pear, and strawberry.

Post Malone Rosé

Maison No. 9 is a lovely rosé blend. Photo by Greg Reego @greg_reego

Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka, which hails from Canada, was created by comedy icon Dan Aykroyd and renowned artist John Alexander. There are several expressions of this vodka, although none contain additives, glycerol citrus oils, or sugars, allowing the natural taste to shine through. The traditional Crystal Head Vodka uses corn, peaches, and cream to produce one sweet celebrity spirit.

Crystal Head Celebrity Spirits

Crystal Head Vodka. Photo courtesy Crystal Head Vodka

Aurora is wheat-based and has a bit more boldness and spice. Onyx is a Blue Weber Agave, sourced from Mexico. Crystal Head Vodka regularly offers limited edition bottles.

Crystal Head Onyx Celebrity Spirits

Crystal Head Vodka Onyx made with Blue Weber Agave is in a black bottle. Photo courtesy Kensington Market JTsang


2017 MacMurray Estate Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Hollywood great Fred MacMurray bought a sprawling Sonoma ranch in the 1970s, but he had no idea he was putting wheels in motion to what would become one of California’s most successful wine growers—MacMurray Estate. There are so many wines from this portfolio to spotlight, but the 2017 MacMurray Estate Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is a perfect expression of the original estate with notes of cola, vanilla, and cherry.

MacMurray Estate Pinot Noir

MacMurray Estate Vineyards Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Sonoma County. Photo courtesy MacMurray Estate

Wild Turkey Longbranch

A collaboration between Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey, Wild Turkey Longbranch is an eight-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon made in small batches and refined in American Oak and with charcoals made using mesquite from McConaughey’s native Texas. The smoky and subtly sweet result earned a 2020 Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, making Longbranch an award winning celebrity spirit.

Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey Longbranch Celebrity Spirits

Wild Turkey Longbranch is an 8-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon created in collaboration with Matthew McConaughey. Photo courtesy Wild Turkey Longbranch


In 2020, Cameron Diaz launched two wines under the Avaline label— a white wine and a rosé wine. The white wine comes from Spain and blends Macabeo, Malvasia, and Xarel grapes. The rosé from France uses Cinsault, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Caladoc grapes. Both are vegan, organic, and free of additives. The white is a summer crowd-pleaser for sure.

Avaline white and rosé wine

Cameron Diaz launched Avaline in 2020 with a white and a rosé wine. Photo courtesy Avaline

Revel Spirits

This is Us’ Justin Hartley recently invested in Revel Spirits, which features a new agave-based spirit called Avila. Avila is made from 100% pure Agave in the Morelos region of México by a group of families using a roasting and steaming process. There are currently three expressions: Blanco, which is unaged; Reposado, aged 12 months in American Whiskey barrels; and Añejo, aged 24 months in French oak.

Celebrity Spirits

Revel Spirits Avila is made from Agave from the Morelos region of Mexico. This reposado ages for 12 months in American whiskey barrels. Photo courtesy Revel Spirits.

Hampton Water Wine

John Bon Jovi and his son own Hampton Water Wine a rosè made in the South of France. This is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre grapes. It has melon, white cherry, and mineral notes. Though only launched in 2017, the brand has already been ranked by Wine Spectator among the top rosès in the world.


Who better to back a gin than Snoop Dogg, right? INDOGGO Gin is certified gluten-free and distilled five times with seven premium botanicals. It may be the only celebrity spirit with its own song. It is then infused with an all-natural strawberry flavor but it has no actual added sugar. The gin is light on the juniper flavor for sure, in favor of orange botanicals to the taste. And you cannot miss that strawberry on the palate.

Celebrity Spirits

Snoop Dogg developed INDOGGO Gin, which is gluten-free and light on the juniper. Photo courtesy INDOGGO Gin

Teremana Tequila

Not only does Teremana Tequila rock; it’s owned by The Rock, as in Dwayne Johnson. Made using 100% mature blue weber agave from the Highlands of Jalisco, both the Blanco and nicely aged Reposado are sipping tequilas you can enjoy neat or on the rocks. Fun fact: Johnson personally worked with a Mexican family-owned distillery to build the space where the tequila is made.

King St. Vodka

In 2019, Kate Hudson launched King St. Vodka. Distilled seven times and made using only alkaline water, it is nearly odorless and quite neutral on the palate. The name was inspired by King Street in New York, where Hudson used to live and famously entertain, and the vodka is distilled in her native California.

Courage + Stone Manhattan

Rather than backing a specific varietal of spirit, Aisha Tyler forged her own path, developing a line of bottled 80-proof ready-to-drink craft cocktails. Right now, there is an Old Fashioned as well as Courage + Stone Manhattan, an elevated take on a Manhattan.

Celebrity Spirits

Aisha Tyler created a line of 80-proof ready-to-drink craft cocktails. Photo courtesy Courage + Stone

The Courage + Stone Manhattan is much better than anything I’ve tried to make at home on my own. It features small-batch American whiskey, cane sugar, vermouth, natural flavors of cherry and dark chocolate, and her own custom C+S bitters.

Check out these great cocktail recipes recommended by Wander With Wonder to use with your celebrity spirits.In ancient Greece, it was commonplace for famous playwrights, politicians, and philosophers to make wine for their personal use. Today’s brightest stars are continuing the tradition of making their own wines as well as celebrity spirits, but for public consumption. This is especially the case after the introduction of Casamigos Tequila when everyone started talking about the George Clooney tequila. Here are a few favorite celebrity spirits that you can add to your own bar.

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