Do you need to buy a bottle of vodka for an upcoming party or to restock your liquor cabinet? Below are the places to buy vodka in Singapore.


LiquorBar has a reputation for being a library of spirits because of the wide selection of brands available there. They have everything from popular brands to the more obscure ones that only hardcore liquor enthusiasts are aware of. If you’re looking for a rare bottle that you can’t find anywhere else, there’s a good chance LiquorBar has it.

buy vodka in singapore

LiquorBar in Singapore has everything you need to make cocktails during your stay in Singapore. Photo by Carlien via Pixabay

Apart from spirits, they also have all the things you need to make the perfect cocktail at your homes such as syrups, bitters, and bar tools. Their store is located at Geylang Road but you can order online through their website. In fact, the store started out as an eCommerce business. To take advantage of the delivery service, you need to make a minimum purchase worth $100 and pay an additional delivery fee of $10. 

Bottles and Bottles

The name of this store conjures an image of a wall filled with bottles of wines and liquors from top to bottom. When you visit Bottles and Bottles you will not be disappointed.

buy vodka in singaporeThe store opened in 2004 and since then, it has served as one of the top distributors of alcoholic drinks in all of Singapore. Its selection provides a balanced mix of old favorites and new players. Apart from having some of the best vodkas in the world, this store offers affordable yet quality brands of wines and spirits. Bottles and Bottles has several branches all over Singapore.


Cellarbration is one of the most well-stocked wine and liquor shops in all of Singapore. So name a brand of vodka that you like and they probably have it. And it’s hard to beat the prices at this shop.

If you’re looking for something more potent than vodka, this store also carries different brands of absinthe. If you’re also into bourbons, then you’ll be delighted to find rare brands in Cellarbration such as Jefferson’s and Evan Williams Single Barrel. Cellarbration is found in multiple locations in Singapore.

1855 The Bottle Shop

1855 The Bottle Shop boasts having more than 800 different brands of wine, champagne, and of course spirits such as vodka. The shop has a total of nine branches all over Singapore and they are all located in convenient spots.

The store is a perfect place to do your last-minute shopping if you have an upcoming party or gathering that requires booze. 1855 The Bottle Shop can also take care of your corporate gifts. And yes, they do deliver just visit their website.


iShopChangi has a great selection of vodkas and the good news is you don’t need to be a traveler to make a purchase. The shop delivers to any point in Singapore. If you’re traveling then you can just pick up your order at the departure area. iShopChangi offers the best deals and all of its products are tax-free.

With so many great options for where to buy vodka in Singapore, there's no reason not to celebrate.

Visiting Singapore? Do you need to buy a bottle of vodka for a party or to stock your liquor cabinet? Below are the places to buy vodka in Singapore. In this sponsored article, we give you suggestions for the best place to buy vodka and other spirits in Singapore.

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