Never let an anxiety disorder stop you from reaching your dreams or exploring the world! You can enjoy a host of wondrous travels as long as you depart prepared to cope with any challenge that may come your way. To get you started, here is a list of the four main essentials that every anxious traveler shouldn’t leave home without.

A Weighted Blanket

Deep stimulation therapy is the science behind why a weighted blanket can aid in keeping anxiety sufferers calm and collected. It stimulates the generous release of many different mood-boosting chemicals in the brain, including melatonin and serotonin, leaving the person feeling relaxed and grounded even in stressful situations.

Weighted blankets are easy to bring along on your travels. In fact, the majority of airlines now classify these blankets as medical equipment for people with anxiety disorders and autism, allowing them to bring the blankets on board as carry-ons. Therefore, you won’t just have your blanket on hand when you reach your destination – you’ll have it on the flight to keep you comforted, too. A weighted blanket is definitely one of the essentials for anxious travelers.

Anti-bacterial Wipes

Flying before the times of COVID was stressful enough for people with anxiety. Now, even more so! If you find yourself panicking about germs and coming into contact with contaminated surfaces, be sure to pack some anti-bacterial wipes in your travel bag and use them as often as necessary to give you peace of mind. This is a good idea for all travelers – not just those with anxiety.

essentials for anxious travelers

Every traveler today should include anti-bacterial disinfectant wipes. Photo by Squirrel_photos via Pixabay

Noise-canceling Headphones

When it gets too much, and you’re starting to feel a tad overwhelmed, noise-canceling headphones will provide you with the opportunity to sit back, close your eyes, and block out the world for a few minutes. These are definitely essentials for anxious travelers.

beats headphones pairing

Noise-canceling headphones are a must-have when traveling.

If you’re an anxious flyer and every small creak sends you into a frenzy, these headphones will play a massive role in keeping you composed until you arrive at your destination. They are wonderful when it comes to getting some much-needed, undisturbed shuteye, especially if you’ll be sharing a plane with children.

Distractions for Anxious Travelers

The key to keeping anxiety symptoms at bay is to keep your hands and mind busy when these symptoms start to flare up. That is why it helps to always bring some distractions along. Download a few entertaining games onto your smartphone, carry a deck of cards that you can shuffle, a new book that you’ve been looking forward to delving into, a notepad to jot down your thoughts and feelings, or even a travel-size coloring book and some crayons. According to a range of mental health experts, adult coloring boasts many benefits for individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders because it is simple, yet it requires one’s complete focus.

essentials for anxious travelers

Coloring is a great distraction for anxious travelers. Photo by ponce_photography via Pixabay

Now that you have a good general idea of the items that could aid in streamlining your journey and your vacation itself, you probably feel a lot more excited about hopping on that plane and cruising to an enthralling new land. Enjoy every moment of the adventure!


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