The Beats app lets you manage your Beats headphones and earphones from your phone. Here is the Ultimate Guide to Help You Learn Beats Headphones Pairing.

Do you have trouble connecting or pairing your Beats headphones to your smartphone? Do you want to know how to connect your iPhone to your Beats headphones fast? Check out our ultimate Beats headphones pairing guide.

The average American one-way commute is 27 minutes. For many people, this is the best time to listen to their favorite songs. Some use the time to tune in to an educational podcast.

However, figuring out how to pair your Beats headphones can take a full five minutes or more. That’s a frustrating amount of time wasted on a small problem.

To improve your listening experience with Beats, keep reading.

How to Turn on and Set up Beats Headphones

The problem with headphones with wires is they limit you. It becomes bothersome to keep your phone when you have to worry about the headphone wire and jack. Let’s not forget that the wire can get caught on things.

beats headphones pairing

If you go with Bluetooth headphones, you can get rid of the wires!

Headphone jacks and wires are also parts that get damaged often. This is why many people are buying wireless headphones. Beats by Dr. Dre is one of the top brands in the market for their quality and comfort.

If it’s your first time to own Bluetooth headphones, you need to learn how to set them up first. Beats headphones have a power button and an indicator light on different sides. Press the power button down for at least a full second to turn it on.

Check the indicator lights on the other side of your Beats headphones. If the light is glowing and steady, it means the headphones already connected to a device. If it’s blinking, you have to connect it to a device.

Note that your headphones become discoverable only after the five Fuel Gauge lights flash. Depending on your device, you must follow different steps to pair your Beats headphones.

beats headphones pairing

Beats by Dr. Dre are a great brand for Bluetooth headphones. Photo by StockSnap via Pixabay

Below are the steps on how to connect your Beats headphones to various devices.

Beats Headphones Pairing for Android Devices

When your Beats are ready to pair, turn on the Bluetooth on your Android phone. Now, go to the Settings menu > Bluetooth settings. You’ll see a list of Bluetooth devices your Android phone discovered and can connect to.

Look for your Beats headphones in the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone. Again, make sure your Beats headphones are ready to pair before you tap it. Now, both devices will start pairing.

beats headphones pairing

You can pair your Beats headphones with your Android device. Photo by Prayad Kosasaeng via Pixabaly

A checkbox or verification pop-up may appear on your screen. Confirm and allow access to your mobile phone. After all this, you are ready to use your Beats headphones with your Android phone.

Are you experiencing trouble with connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your Android device? Too many devices may have their Bluetooth turned on. This can confuse the Beats headphones about which device to connect to.

Your headphones may attempt connecting to a different device instead. Turn off or disable the Bluetooth on other devices. Another way to troubleshoot is to turn your Bluetooth device off and on again.

Pairing Beats With iPhones Using iOS 11 or Later Versions

Next, let’s talk about connecting Beats to iPhone and/or iPads. For connecting with iOS devices, the first step remains the same. Turn on your Beats headphones first and make sure it’s ready to pair.

Next, go to your iPhone settings and open the Bluetooth settings. Turn on your Bluetooth and then keep your iPhone unlocked. Hold the Beats headphones within 2 inches of your iPhone and wait for the pop-up.

beats headphones pairing

You can also connect your Beats to an iPhone. Photo by aixklusiv via Pixabay

Your iPhone may have extra instructions for connecting to Beats. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be ready to use your Beats headphones soon. Follow the steps for connecting with Android devices to learn how to connect Beats to Mac devices.

Are your Beats headphones having trouble connecting to your iPhone? Restart the Beats headphones by turning it off and on again. Another possible reason for this is that your iOS software needs updating.

If the problem remains, try deleting other devices from your list of paired devices. Another possible solution is to reset your iPhone’s network settings. Finally, try to restart your iPhone if you know it has the problem.

As a note, Beats headphones may or may not update firmware by itself. If your headphones pair with an iPhone with iOS 11 or later, it will get an automatic firmware update. If the iPhone doesn’t use iOS 11 or later, you’ll need the Beats updater for the firmware.

Connecting to a Different Device and Unpairing Beats Headphones From Your Smartphone

Now, you know how to pair Beats wireless headphones to your devices. What if you want to connect your headphones to a different device? Beats headphones automatically reconnect to the last device with which they paired.

If you want to change this, you need to open the Bluetooth of the new device you want to pair with your headphones. Open the list of Bluetooth devices it can find and tap on the name of your headphones. On iPhones and other iPads, this process will connect them to your Bluetooth headphones right away.

beats headphones pairing

The ultimate guide to set up and use your wireless headphones

If you want a Beats headphones pairing with a new Android device, open its Bluetooth device list as well. Find the name of the Beats headphones and select it. In some cases, you need to make your Beats visible again.

To do this, press and hold the power button on the Beats for 5 seconds. Once the lights show that the headphones are ready to pair with a new device, select it on your phone. If you have trouble connecting, turn off the Bluetooth of the other devices.

Connect Your Beats Headphones for a Great Listening Experience

Beats headphones are an amazing accessory, especially for iPhone users for its features. There’s a reason why it’s one of the best-selling headphones on the market.

That’s it for our guide for the Beats headphones pairing. We hope you found this guide on pairing Beats to your device helpful. Feel free to check out our other content for more tech guides like this.

The Beats app lets you manage your Beats headphones and earphones from your phone. Here is the Ultimate Guide to Help You Learn Beats Headphones Pairing.


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