Amsterdam has a rich history of art and architecture. It is a meeting point for all different cultures from around the world. Amsterdam offers great museums, a historic network of canals, coffee shops, nightlife, and a wide variety of places to eat and drink. This eclectic mix makes Amsterdam one of Europe's most sought after tourist destinations.

luggage storage amsterdam

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is a major connection point in Europe. Photo by Erich Westendarp via Pixabay

Amsterdam is a major transportation hub with an international airport and great train stations. You may find yourself with a few hours between flights or your train connection and—of course—you want to explore Amsterdam. Perhaps you find yourself arriving a few hours before you check into your hotel, or have time after check-out before you leave. You want to maximize your time in Amsterdam, but what do you do with your luggage? The solution is to find a great luggage storage service in Amsterdam.

What is a Luggage Storage Service?

Luggage storage is not just another facility, but rather a pioneering breakthrough in personal convenience. Who doesn't want safe and convenient instant storage facilities for your luggage whenever you need it? The luggage storage facility is a short-term solution for storing your bags in Amsterdam.

On-demand luggage storage services allow you to find a location nearby where you can drop your bags off and start exploring the city. There are so many perks to using luggage storage facilities.

Features of Luggage Storage Service in Amsterdam

Seeking safe and affordable luggage service in Amsterdam is easier than ever with Vertoe Luggage Storage Service. Vertoe works with local business owners and stores across the city so you can easily find a storage spot for your luggage just minutes away from where you are. You won't face exponentially high fees or spend the day worried about losing your valuables as you might with traditional luggage lockers. Tamper-proof seals and insurance coverage help ensure that your bags are safe and secure.

luggage storage amsterdam

It's easy to explore Amsterdam with luggage storage service. Photo by Yanko Peyankov via Pixabay

Features of the luggage storage Amsterdam service include:

  • Luggage storage provides safety. Vertoe takes security seriously. They carefully screen each of their store locations to ensure your bags are always safe. Also, they provide free tamper-proof seals to keep your bags secure.
  • Luggage storage service includes insurance. With this luggage storage in Amsterdam, you have the freedom to explore the city worry-free, knowing the rental includes $5,000 of insurance.
  • Discounts and offers make luggage storage even better. Luggage storage costs start at €5.95 per day (or $5.95 USD). Weekly reservations receive a 15% discount. Monthly bookings receive a 30% discount. You're not going to have to worry about lugging your bags around the city with this kind of affordable luggage storage.

Luggage Storage Amsterdam Options

In the luggage storage Amsterdam facility, you can store all size luggage all year round, for €5.95. This storage price is for 24 hours. The luggage storage facility even accepts unusual items such as surfboards and bicycles.

There are multiple locations throughout Amsterdam, so you can usually find a spot most convenient for you. Some of the most popular locations for the Vertoe luggage storage service in Amsterdam include the Van Gogh Museum, near Centraal Station, on Dam Square, and near Rembrandt House Museum.

luggage storage amsterdam

You can find places throughout Amsterdam for luggage storage giving you the freedom to explore. Photo by djedj via Pixabay

Why Choose Vertoe Luggage Storage Amsterdam Facility?

Vertoe's luggage storage Amsterdam services is convenient, whether you're a tourist or a local. Their on-demand luggage storage allows you to store your bags around the city conveniently, so you can explore Amsterdam's sights as you like.

luggage storage

There are many options for luggage storage when you visit another city. Photo by tookapic via Pixabay

The facility provides short-term drop-off locations throughout the area, starting at €5.95 per piece for 24 hours. Vertoe's proven technology will keep you to keep your bags secure while you enjoy the city.

Vertoe manually tests every location for security. When you arrive, you receive tamper-proof seals coded explicitly for your bags. To give you peace of mind, every booking includes insurance of up to $5000.

All Amsterdam locations are close to major hotspots and landmarks to ensure storage is close to where you'll spend your day. Also, the storage partners are not only well qualified but carefully vetted so you feel comfortable and safe.

Vertoe's website and app streamline the reservation process. In just a few quick clicks, you can reserve your storage space. If you need to cancel, you can get a full refund before you drop off your item, because travel often involves last-minute changes.

There is no size limit at Vertoe, because there are no fixed-size lockers. Their sites reserve the right to request or refuse to store an object weighing more than 75 lbs or 35 kgs, or to charge the price of two items for those oversized pieces. Location partners can ask to search your item if they suspect you might be trying to store illegal items. If they can't store your items, Vertoe refunds your booking fee.

Vertoe offers great alternatives to luggage storage service in Amsterdam. Now, you can drop off your items with peace of mind, while you explore the sights and sounds of Amsterdam.

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