Let's continue with more of our 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails on Wander. On the eighth day of Christmas, I sipped a Cider and Cran/Ginger Spritzer. The recipe is courtesy Top Note and can be made in either an alcoholic or a mocktail version, making it an ideal option for those big family-friendly Christmas gatherings. As an added bonus for this bubbles lover, it's sparkling!

This festive non-alcoholic cocktail is made with apple cider, Top Note Ginger Beer, and ginger. If you want, you can make this one alcoholic with a bit of Great Lakes Distillery Cranberry Liqueur. Top Note has a great selection of other sparkling mixers with unique botanicals and unexpected ingredients. there are more fun recipes on the website.

Christmas Cocktail

Cider and Cran/Ginger Spritz with Top Note Ginger Beer. Photo courtesy Zenbelly

Creating a Cider and Cran/Ginger Spritz

This uses non-alcoholic Top Note Ginger Beer. This is ideal for a taste of Christmas—or in a traditional “Mule”. It uses a blend of Natural Ginger Root Extract, cane sugar, and date sugar. As an added bonus, it is GMO and Gluten Free. There is an option to make this alcoholic with the addition of Great Lakes Distillery Cranberry Liqueur. The Good Land Liqueur from Great Lakes Distillery is made using Wisconsin cranberries and is 100% natural.

  • 4 oz Fresh Pressed Apple Cider
  • 4 oz Top Note Ginger Beer
  • 4 – 5 Cranberries, gently heated in microwave
  • 1 Ginger slice sliver
  • Sparkling water to taste
  • ½ oz Cranberry Liqueur (optional)
  1. Muddle ginger slice and cranberries in a shaker.
  2. Pour cider on top. (If desired, add Cranberry Liqueur to shaker.)
  3. Muddle and shake for 30 seconds.
  4. Strain into rocks glass over ice.
  5. Pour Top Note Ginger Beer over the cider.
  6. Taste and dilute with 1 to 2 oz sparkling water to taste (if less sweetness is desired).
  7. Garnish with Candied Ginger and cranberry on a spear.

There are more great cocktails for the holidays on Wander. Be sure to check out all 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails on Wander.

On the 8th day of Christmas, I sipped a non-alcoholic Cider and Cran Ginger Spritz with Top Note Ginger Beer and apple cider. The simple #recipe is an ideal #mocktail for those family Christmas celebrations. An #alcoholic version features #Cranberry liqueur. #cocktails #holidays #Christmas #Ginger #sparkling


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