You don’t have to travel far to find yourself transported to an underground East-Asian Karaoke lounge anymore. Look no farther than Scottsdale for Blind Dragon Karaoke Lounge. This L.A. concept transports you to the underground world of Asian karaoke. I got to check out the nightclub for a preview recently and I can tell you it is worth the night out.

Set the mood in this Asian themed karaoke lounge in Scottsdale. Photo Courtesy of Kamilla Graham

When you arrive, it seems to be a typical Scottsdale nightclub at first glance. That is until the bouncer lets you in past those velvet ropes and you are swept away to what feels like another world. Walk down the hall of shipping containers and turn the corner to discover the decadent and sensual Blind Dragon Scottsdale.

Sips and Snacks at Blind Dragon Scottsdale

Plush velvet couches, murals and paper lanterns create a fully immersed sensory experience. Let loose and relax with some of the custom Tiki cocktails that the bartender will whip up for you. Go old school and sip a Fu Manchu, which is Chinese 5 spice old fashioned with Chivas 12 Scotch, yuzu and Angostura bitters. Or get exotic and taste the Thyme Machine, which is a sexy little drink made with Elyx vodka, St. Germaine, passionfruit, lemon, thyme and Champagne float.

Thyme Machine and Karaoke at Blind Dragon in Scottsdale. Photo Courtesy of Kamilla Graham

Blind Dragon Scottsdale also has plenty of snacks, to avoid becoming famished while out for the night. I especially loved the Tuna Poke Bowl; the sticky sushi rice was perfect with the tuna and the little pops of garlic and other spices. I also had to try the Shrimp and Pineapple fried rice. Perfectly cooked fried rice with chunks of pineapple served in a pineapple made it not just a tasty meal but a fun one, too.

Sing Like No One is Watching

It wouldn’t be a karaoke lounge without some karaoke. I can tell you that I will be keeping my day job and I didn’t offend too many ears because Blind Dragon Scottsdale wants guests to relax, let loose and enjoy the night whether or not they can sing Billy Joel in key. The six alcohol themed private karaoke rooms are each equipped with TV screens and audio systems and are perfect for group celebrations! The largest room accommodates up to 20 guests, the next largest room holds up to 14 guests, the remaining four private rooms hold up to 8 guests each. With over 25,000 licensed songs available there is something for everyone. Make sure you call ahead to reserve the space.

One of the private karaoke rooms. Photo courtesy of Blind Dragon Scottsdale


If there isn't a room available don't worry, your night will still be full of great beats and tunes.  Blind Dragon also has a DJ to spin most nights.

When You Go to Blind Dragon Scottsdale

So, for your next night out I recommend that you visit Blind Dragon Scottsdale. Belt it out while enjoying Asian themed bites and sipping on other worldly cocktails.

Blind Dragon Scottsdale is located at 7419 E. Indian Plaza Drive, Suite A, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and will be open Thursday through Saturday from 6 pm — 2 am. For reservations, contact 


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