National Hot Breakfast Month is here! This month, we are featuring some of our favorite places around the world or across the street, courtesy of our Wander writers. This breakfast month special, courtesy Elizabeth Rose, takes us to the beach for breakfast in Los Cabos, Mexico. Be sure to follow along for more Hot Breakfast Month articles here on Wander throughout February.

It was winter and I was enjoying a respite from the Pacific Northwest rain in sunny Cabo San Lucas. I luxuriated at the all-inclusive Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort. The resort surprises you with special dining on-the-beach experiences. You can observe their chefs cooking fresh seafood and then savor the meal right on the beach with your toes in the sand. And that sunny morning I headed to the beach for a surprising brunch.

Hook and Cook Brunch

Hook and Cook is one of two beachfront culinary experiences the resort offers. Guests can fish from the shore alongside the resort’s chef and use the fresh catch for the chef’s signature mesa de ceviches. While this brunch experience is not exactly a “hot breakfast,” it’s a must do. The chef makes ceviche, raw fish ‘cooked’ with lime, on the beach as you watch. And depending on what ingredients he uses, the dish could, indeed, be “hot.”

It’s surprisingly easy to surf fish right on the beach. The beach ends rather quickly and the sea is deep in spots. You can’t swim there because of the depth and dangerous tides. So swinging a huge pole to cast bait into the ocean is fun. One guest even caught a tuna fishing from shore!

National Hot Breakfast Month

Try as we might, we didn't catch a fish that day but the chef had a backup plan. Photo by Elizabeth R Rose

The day I went surf fishing, I didn’t catch anything. Fortunately, our chef had a backup plan. Out of the kitchen came fresh fish. With the ocean breeze and beach umbrellas providing comfort, we enjoyed watching every step of the preparation process. Fresh guacamole… creamy, with a zingy hint of jalapenos and topped with fresh cilantro came first. The chef then carefully thin-sliced white fish for sashimi and ceviche.

National Hot Breakfast Month

Freshly made guacamole served on the beach. Photo by Elizabeth R Rose

When it was time to eat, we relaxed at a beautifully set table on the beach with the waves just steps away. I sat facing the ocean and watched others fish while I sampled the dishes. The fish was fresh and perfectly seasoned.

National Hot Breakfast Month

There aren't too many places where you can fish for your breakfast and have a resort chef prepare it. Photo by Elizabeth R Rose

It was late morning so they also served thick berry-based smoothies. As we enjoyed the brunch, the waves lulled us into relaxation.

More Breakfasts to Experience

I was one of the first to check out the new section of the resort. The Towers at Pacifica, a luxury resort-within-a-resort at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort, recently made its debut. The two new towers feature 47 guest rooms and suites with enhanced room amenities and 24-hour butler service. A third tower, which can be reached by sky-bridge, features Peninsula, their new beachfront restaurant featuring Baja cuisine.

Remember, February is Hot Breakfast Month, so take advantage of these 28 days and make every single one of them count. Be sure to check out Wander for some of our favorite breakfast locations as you wander around the world or across the street.

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