National Hot Breakfast Month is here! This February, grab a great breakfast, brunch or a perfect coffee at some of these great spots! This month, we feature some of our favorite places around the world or across the street, courtesy of our Wander writers. Be sure to follow along for more Hot Breakfast Month articles here on Wander throughout February.

Another choice for Hot Breakfast Month is Over Easy, an Arizona celebrity. In Arizona, the winters are delightful—cool, brisk mornings that make the icy chill of the rest of the country seem far away. One place to take advantage of that easy Arizona lifestyle is at Over Easy, with several locations throughout the Valley.

Over Easy is a Cake Walk

The staples of breakfast are predictable: eggs, sausage, pancakes. But these are served in a thousand delicious ways! I especially love diner breakfast and Over Easy is a bullseye.

This cute, retro diner has several Valley locations—as well as a location in Bellingham, WA and Tavernier, FL. They serve diner breakfast with a TWIST! Recently, I stopped in to enjoy some of their signature dishes with my two-year-old son and my mother-in-law. Surrounded by cheerful yellow, we felt as if we'd wandered into a small mom and pop diner. We were greeted by cheerful and seated right away on this weekday morning.

Over Easy for Hot Breakfast Month

Over Easy has a sunny yellow interior that welcomes diners. Photo courtesy Over Easy

As Seen on TV

You may be familiar with Over Easy if you have watched anything on the Food Network. I, however, judge most breakfast places by their coffee. Over Easy served me a cuppa Press Coffee with hardly a wait and then we got down to the menu.

With familiar tastes like the “Two Egg Breakfast” and tasty options like the “Eggs & Wild mushroom” dish (which is 3 eggs however you like them and perfectly roasted mushrooms, fresh herbs and potatoes) everyone will leave full.

But if you are looking for something a little more out of the box order the Waffle Dog! It was a fun way to enjoy breakfast! Three sausages dipped into vanilla waffle batter and deep fried served on sticks with a side of syrup to dunk into really made me feel like a kid again.

Waffle Dogs for Hot Breakfast Month at Over Easy

Waffle Dogs at Over Easy a fun option for breakfast. Photo courtesy Over Easy

I know that I was stuffed and also wished I could taste more of the menu! We can’t wait to head back.

Remember, February is Hot Breakfast Month, so take advantage of these 28 days and make every single one of them count. Be sure to check out Wander for some of our favorite breakfast locations as you wander around the world or across the street.

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