National Hot Breakfast Month is here! This February, grab a great breakfast, brunch or a perfect coffee at some of these great spots! This month, we feature some of our favorite places around the world or across the street, courtesy of our Wander writers. Be sure to follow along for more Hot Breakfast Month articles here on Wander throughout February.

Another choice for Hot Breakfast Month is US Egg, an Arizona standard. In Arizona, the winters are delightful—cool, brisk mornings that make the icy chill of the rest of the country seem far away.

US Egg Offers Feel Good and Taste Good Breakfasts

US Egg is a locally owned breakfast and lunch spot that feels like an old-school diner—only better. The Gebran family opened US Egg in the Phoenix area in 1986 and there are now six locations across the Valley. I’ve eaten at the Old Town Scottsdale location many times over the years and have visited the other five at least once.

 Best Start for the Best Day

While the restaurant offers both breakfast and lunch menus, I go for breakfast. Because breakfast is always the best meal of the day. The restaurant is known for its fresh baked granola and protein pancakes. I recommend the protein pancakes because they’re simply amazing—a whole-wheat batter that isn’t overly heavy, plus that homemade granola and fresh berries. (You can also purchase the granola to take home with you.)

Visit US Egg for Hot Breakfast Month and take home fresh granola

Take home the US Egg granola. Photo courtesy US Egg.

US Egg has its own special blend of coffee. The restaurant uses Arabica coffee beans and now retails their locally roasted coffee. Stop into any of their locations and take home a bag of the coffee beans.

Visit US Egg for Hot Breakfast Month and take home their arabica coffee

The US Egg Arabica coffee is available to take home. Photo courtesy US Egg.

There is also a large gluten free menu—one of the largest I’ve ever seen. And the gluten free French toast and waffles are darned good. Having exceptional options are so rare, but vital for those with health concerns and food allergies. I know for those with serious allergies, it’s a joy to be able to go out to eat without worry.

Visit US Egg for Hot Breakfast Month

You can order gluten free waffles and pancakes at US Egg. Photo courtesy US Egg

My husband's favorite choice for breakfast at US Egg is one the Idaho Hot Skillets. These are big breakfasts for hearty appetites. You get a skillet filled with hash browns, your choice of options—there are veggie options or a variety of meats, or perhaps the Santa Fe with chorizo—then topped with melted cheese and two eggs. It all comes with an English muffin. Perfect for a weekend brunch!

Visit US Egg for Hot Breakfast Month

Order one of the Idaho Hot Skillets for a full breakfast. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

When You Go

One of the other reasons I’ve always been a fan of US Egg—besides those eggs Benedicts you might want to try—is the company’s commitment to social responsibility. They don’t just talk the talk. They truly walk the walk. US Egg affiliates with homeless shelters. They raise money through pajama drives. They are “carbon neutral” at each of their restaurants and they work with sustainable vendors for recycling, including donating fryer oil to the Arizona Biofuel Company. Good food and a great social conscience.

US Egg is a local company that serves up a fabulous breakfast. Find out more and get a location near you at Be sure to check out more of our great restaurants on Wander where you can find delicious breakfast for National Hot Breakfast Month. 

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