National Hot Breakfast Month is here! This month, we are featuring some of our favorite places around the world or across the street, courtesy of our Wander writers. This hot breakfast month special, courtesy Elizabeth Rose, takes us to the Pacific Northwest for breakfast at Skamania Lodge. Be sure to follow along for more Hot Breakfast Month articles here on Wander throughout February.

Hot Breakfast Month at Skamania Lodge

What could be more classic Pacific Northwest than a rustic elegant lodge with a view of the Columbia River Gorge? We found that one morning at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington just east of Portland, Oregon. And, we found a special Pacific Northwest hot breakfast, too.

Skamania Lodge, less than an hour from Portland, Oregon, was constructed in the style of the grand park lodges. Centered on a 175-acre wooded setting with an expansive Columbia Gorge view, the lodge has become a Pacific Northwest destination. When you are there, you’ll feel far away from the burdens of the city yet enjoy the conveniences and services expected of a resort hotel.

After a stunning sunrise with the greys of the Columbia Gorge gradually transitioning to a deep pink, it was time to go down to the lovely Cascade Dining Room with huge windows overlooking the grounds and that iconic Gorge view.

We sat and perused the menu. Would it be classic biscuits and gravy? After all, those chive and cheddar biscuits sounded mighty good. Of course, they had healthy options like oatmeal and fruit plates as well.

National Hot Breakfast Month at Skamania Lodge

The biscuits and gravy at Skamania Lodge will prepare you for an active day hiking, zip-lining or enjoying a round of golf.

But after talking about the activities of the day—zip-lining, hiking, and golf, we thought any active diner would deserve to delve into a hearty hot breakfast. So we did. I chose the Cascade Smoked Salmon (they smoke it in-house) served with poached eggs, Hollandaise, roasted red potatoes with onions and peppers, or fruit. Oh yes, go whole hog. Get the delicious red potatoes! It was a large piece of salmon, larger than I expected, and it was moist and flavorful. Others opted for more traditional eggs dishes, all perfectly prepared.

National Hot Breakfast Month at Skamania Lodge

The salmon breakfast was a highlight of our Pacific Northwest experience at Skamania Lodge.

More Hot Breakfast Month Ideas

After that experience, we discussed returning for Skamania Lodge’s famous Sunday Champagne Brunch. $44 for the brunch is pretty reasonable when you throw in that Gorge view and a stroll around the grounds afterward.

Remember, February is Hot Breakfast Month, so take advantage of these 28 days and make every single one of them count. Be sure to check out Wander for some of our favorite breakfast locations as you wander around the world or across the street.

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