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National Crepe Day is Friday, February 2 and The Crepe Club wants to be sure everyone can celebrate.

In the French tradition of La Chandeleur (Jour de Crepe), guests will be able to get a FREE Nutella or Parisian (butter and sugar) crepe at The Crepe Club in Phoenix and Tempe from 2-5pm. The offer is limited to one per person and for take away only.

National Crepe Day originated from the Catholic holiday of Candlemas, when the Virgin Mary presented the baby Jesus. Over the years it became known in France as “jour de crepes” – or Crepe Day – perhaps because the Pope at the time was known for feeding crepes to the pilgrims who visited the church.

Tradition says that those who can successfully flip a crepe in a pan while holding a coin in one hand will be prosperous for the rest of the year. Thankfully, guests will not need luck – or a coin – to enjoy a crepe on February 2.

The Crepe Club offers a wide variety of options including sweet and savory crepes, salads, quiches, Paninis, wraps, baked goods, juices and much more. For more information, visit

Crepe Facts:

  • Crepes are comparable to pancakes, but much thinner.
  • They are served sweet or savory.
  • The term crepe comes from the old French word “crespe” meaning crisp or curled.

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