We are almost through the first month of 2018! We all know that resolutions for a healthier year have been made and some of us have managed to maintain and meet goals. However, I know how hard it can be to get to the gym. The grind can get dull, the same routine over and over again. I am always looking for ways to explore new, unique fitness opportunities. Recently, I stopped by a Barre3 studio to get a feel for something different!

In Arizona, we have some wonderful hiking but from the late spring through the fall it is hot and can be dangerous. There are plenty of gyms in the Valley. There are yoga studios, Pilates is mainstream now and there are cyclebars. All things I enjoy doing to break up the routine of just hitting the treadmill. I am always game to try something new. However, I was a competitive swimmer as a teenager and the torn ligaments in my shoulder of yesteryear have come back to haunt me at 32.

Post workout group photo!

Recently, I tried out an empowered full body workout at Barre3. We have seen Barre3 in magazines and on news spots and recently I jumped at the chance to see what all the hype is about. I drove up to the studio located in North Scottsdale and was thrilled to enter the bright, cheerful and welcoming atmosphere of the studio.

The Workout

Karie Johnson, the owner, welcomed me and showed me around. We talked about the program, the studio, the brand and how it is not just about the body but balance of mind as well. She explained that Barre3 is about balance and strengthening the core. The basics of barre3 are:

  • Hold. Specifically, the Isometric hold. Which gives us time to adjust our muscles and build the mind-body connection. Holds are low impact but work both big and little muscle groups to increase strength.
  • Small Range motions. Tiny motions with a BIG payoff! By moving small you are able to maintain a strong posture longer while awakening the deepest core muscles.
  • Large Dynamic motions. In order to raise that heart rate, big movements flush blood throughout. Blood carries the oxygen and nutrients that we need in order to work our muscles. This is where we focused on balance. It builds the energy you are going to need to have for those holds. 

My work out was fun, dynamic, and incredibly empowering. I felt that I could accomplish every step and never felt ashamed when I needed to back off for my shoulder. I loved that once I felt I couldn’t hold that squat for a second more we switched to large sweeping movements.

The Lifestyle

After such a heated workout everyone built up an appetite and Barre3 has some truly delightful snacks they recommend. They provided me with the recipe for crunchy chickpeas and I have to say they are easy to make and easy to snack on!

Barre 3 offers recipes for tasty, healthy snacks!

I have kids and child care is a big factor in getting my workouts in. Barre3 knows this and offers their guests child care options. I am looking forward to my next visit and am planning on trying Barre3 for an entire month.

When You Go

Barre3 has plenty of local Valley locations and also locations in Texas, Washington, New York and a few studios in Canada.

If you want to try it out and can’t make it to a studio be sure to try their online program.

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